Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 51

We are back with Alejandro Ferrari at his Restaurant! I played this for a few days without taking screenshot and Alejandro earned himself some table upgrades. Sweet!

Also a restaurant perk was in order. I chose patient patrons because while we have more tables now we still only have one waiter. So I guess  people not getting mad at slow service was the way to go.

One of the first guests to arrive today was Camille Thoreau from the Thoreau Legacy. I love seeing characters from other stories pop up at the Restaurant! It makes playing the game a lot more lively, don’t you think?

I also noticed Geoffrey Landgraab having a fancy bowl of salad with Katharina Caliente. Gasp!

Is there a scandal in order? Or maybe they were just discussing business. Or arranging marriages for their kids. Who knows.

Whoop whoop, sweet sweet cash coming in! Well, we’re not exactly rich yet but it’s progress from the 30 Simoleons we made last time. I wonder if we can actually make bank with this restaurant someday or if we’re doomed to always make ~200 Simoleons every day. We’ll see.

Now after Camille and Geoffrey, the week of interesting guests didn’t stop there…

It’s Alejandro’s girlfriend Jenny! How sweet of her to visit Alejandro at the restaurant. But wait…

What the hell? Who’s that guy? Why is she flirty? Alejandro was devestated! And I decided he deserves better.

Jep, I’m breaking them up. Jenny was NOT happy.

But how can she even be mad? She was on a date with another guy at Alejandro’s restaurant! If that’s not rubbing it in his face then I don’t know what is.

Oh, those fake crocodile tears!

Alejandro was so depressed about the whole situation. And I think I even see a bit of remorse in Jenny’s eyes. Well, it’s too late now, you snitchy chick!

After this disaster Alejandro really needed some alone time and I let him take a few days off from the restaurant. Watering Philipp’s plants with tears helped a bit.

Side note: Sophie Mocca got promoted, yay!

Shortly later, Jenny tried to pull some shady poop with Alejandro.

So I can see you make out with another guy? So not happening, girl!

After a week at home Alejandro was kind of over the whole thing. Time to reopen the restaurant. And this interesting guest theme really isn’t stopping.

Omg, it’s Lucas Ainsworth! The famous chef! From Dust to Dust! *faints*

We have to treat him extra special! He has in own restaurant in ‘Dust to Dust’ and it’s really renowed. Such an honor to have him here! If only this place wasn’t such a shack still.

But I think Alejandro still impressed him with top quality service and food. I didn’t catch a screenshot of it, but he left a 4 Star rating in the end. YAY!

Also, remember Alexa’s flirty looks from last chapter? Maybe there could be something there after all.

Yep, she’s digging it!

Completely unrelated to the flirt and since she’s been a lot nice since her charisma training, Alejandro gave Alexa a promotion!

Our waitress seems to have noticed because she was getting antsy for a promotion as well! I really need to remember to check on the satisfaction of my employees once in a while.

But Raina definitely did a good job and almost never dropped any food. She deserves this.

See that 4 Star rating? Moving on up.

I gave our chef, Jenny Chin, a promotion as well, for good measure. And it looks like it was the right choice!

First 5 star rating! So fame! #bestrestaurantintown #literally #theresnootherrestaurantinthistown #lol

Also, what’s up with the clown hair? I’ve had a lot of sims visit this restaurant with the clowns hair! It was a known glitch at the time but so hilarious (Yes, these screenshots are awfully old).

Our last interesting guest for the chapter is Don Lothario.

Yes, Don, you are special. And his girlfriend Anyala Nirtam is there too! And look, behind Alexa, it’s Don’s son from Candy Behr! Geeze, Don Lothario does have a lot of … connections.

After work, Alejandro invited over Alexa. I think these two would be cute together!

She’s been autonomously flirting with him all week. I think it’s time.

Aw! Now on this positive note, I’m gonna end this chapter 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it and see you around next time!

Next: Chapter 52


4 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 51

  1. What a bad girlfriend Jenny turned out to be! Alejandro definitely deserves better, poor guy. 😦 Yay for new love with Alexa! I hope she treats him better. 🙂

    And whoa, talk about a star-studded group of restaurant patrons! So many SimLit celebrities. :O Alejandro and his team did so well serving them all.

    Liked by 1 person

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