Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 22

So my household of roommates took a trip to Granite Falls. One of them is Alejandro Ferrari and while the others enjoy their time outside, he is enjoying the coffee machine. A lot. He was just pouring his third cup when he got a dazed moodlet from too much caffeine! Cut it out, Alejandro!

Oh my days, this is getting out of hand!

I should have listened to future me. Wait, I guess I am future me now, so… I’m confused. Poor Alejandro probably was, too. Even after getting the moodlet he just wouldn’t stop pouring more coffee!

Until suddenly he decided it was time for a random dance-off. He had some very weird sway moves going on. Guess that’s how dazed people dance.

He was awkwardly turning around in circles again and again. What’s he thinking about? Coffee, I assume!

Lily was taking a nap on a wooden bench. You know, that you have a bed in that cabin, don’t you, Lil?

I guess it was good for her, though because she missed the bear who passed by. Based on how tense she got last time I count this as a win. The bear stopped to have a chat with some guy and I noticed that the bear’s voice actually sounds muffled. Lol!

Meanwhile, Sophie was completely failing at horseshoes and it annoyed the plum out of her.

Bahahaha, do you love this face as much as I do? But maybe this wasn’t her reaction to horseshoes but rather to Philipp who came by and tried chatting her up. Clearly, Sophie was not interested.

Creep much?

He tried to tell some lame joke that involved heart boxers and Llamas. That was the point when Sophie decided to leave. I let her grill up some wieners at a nearby fireplace.

Sophie wasn’t sold on the wieners, but maybe she’s more the marshmallows type of girl.

Oh my, this is like a cheesy romantic movie. While Sophie is grilling at one fireplace, Philipp is staring at the dwindling flames at another, all alone *sob*.

Well, I’m kidding, sorry Philipp but I don’t really care about you right now. Maybe if you were less awkward all the time you would have a chance with the ladies. Instead, I decided to introduce Sophie to this guy:

He’s a cutie! His name is Fabian Steffens Francis Summersburg. Sorry, Fabian, but you’re Francis now. Apparently I forgot him when I went on my “Renaming-German-townies-spree” or he was generated afterwards. Anway, Francis and Sophie really hit it off!

Maybe the spoiled burgers didn’t add to the atmosphere but they got along well, nevertheless. I take that as a good omen!

What’s up with heart boxers in this game? Seriously!

They might have some weird conversation topics, but they are both weird together. So cute. I noticed that Sophie is also a geek! Unbelievable that I didn’t notice before!

Their conversation was flowing  until this ranger interrupted them by… walking through the table? Woah, magic ranger over there! Watch out!

Isn’t it cute how Francis looks at Sophie? This shot would be my favourite if it weren’t for those spoiled burgers. Darn, Lily, why did you have to make these?

After a little game of musical chairs, Francis looked at Sophie all the time, while Sophie was fighting with the rude ranger! Urgh, just get lost! I was trying to set something up here!

Sophie and Francis then proceeded to … lie down in the table? What’s up with this table?! That looks like it hurts…

How can you even see the stars with your head in a wall?

I know stargazing is kind of cheating because it increases relationships really fast! But they had visible chemistry, so I couldn’t resist.

Sophie got randomly angry from being a hothead. Oh no! I noticed that she can’t flirt while angry, plum! I wanted to toss out a flirt to see if Francis was open to the idea. I just hope she doesn’t let her anger out on him! Instead, I noticed this interaction:

Bestehlen = to steal from someone (also the red one is “insult face”, bahahaha, I still laugh at that one)

Oh my days! Sophie is in the criminal career! I wanted to test the interaction but not on Francis.

He was really worried when he found out about her job. What if she got arrested? But Sophie reassured him and everything went on well, except for…

Ewww, he farted at her! You yucky plum, Francis! Gladly, Sophie wasn’t really mad at him, more like “Ugh, boys”. Francis seemed to have a good time, though. Ugh, boys!

Francis left, which was good because I was really scared that Sophie would lash out at him. I sent her to bed to cool off.

The next morning I found Alejandro back in his suit. Dude, this outfit is not fitting for a camping trip!

But it seems that Alejandro can’t live without his suit. While he was getting embarrassed from being bad at horseshoes, Lily decided it was her turn to be creepy.

Alejandro left and because he was embarrassed he went upstairs to hide under the covers. This always looks so inappropriate if you ask me!

Since Sophie got along with Francis so well, she called him the next day. As if she even cared about the 3-day-rule! Francis said he would be right over.

But it seemed like he was not very pleased because he arrived angry. Did Sophie interrupt him with anything?

Awkwardly, Sophie tried to save the situation but Francis ran off to kick the trash can! Oh no! I let Sophie stay inside for a while to let Francis cool off. When she went outside again, Francis was in a much better mood. And very receptive to her flirts!

Oh yeah, he felt great!

They were so cute. After Sophie made the first move, Francis was flirting with her autonomously the whole time. And when this popped up…

I just gave it a go! Awwww!

Sophie and him looked so happy, I immediately let her ask him if he wanted to be her boyfriend and he accepted! Yay!

Sorry, Philipp! That’s it for today folks. Philipp’s unwanted adventure had to be delayed and will take place next chapter, be sure!

Next: Chapter 23


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