Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 40

It’s a girl! Dina Caliente and her boyfriend Johnny Zest had their first baby!

Johnny: Hmpf I don’t care if it’s a girl ,I’m gonna teach her baseball no matter what!

Dina is so done though. She’s stinky, she is hungry and is on the brink of passing out in a puddle of her own making. Go clean yourself up, Dina! You deserve a break!

The little girl was named Amber and Johnny took to telling her some goofy jokes immediately. He is all over his little princess. Also, good thing we had the spare room in the house, which is now being converted to Amber’s bedroom.

After Amber went to sleep, Johnny watched some comedy, but he was not at all impressed. Pfft, you think you’re better than that? He still has a terrible work performance and hasn’t had a promotion in forever. Big bummer.

After a huuuuuuuuge nap, Dina was presentable again and quickly tended to Amber who was crying (Future me: you might as well get used to it, Past me: Wait, what?!)

Finally, after this mess she was able to sit down and enjoy some relaxing time by herself watching Sim’s Kitchen. (Future me: Wait for it)

At least for like, 5 minutes, until her daughter Amber started crying again. Oh my days. I swear this kid is always crying!

She was also crying while Dina was cooking, but it was Johnny’s turn this time. Not much interesting stuff happened in this period, basically it was always Amber crying and Johnny and Dina being perpetually exhausted. Welcome to parenthood!

After what seemed like 10.000 years, it was finally Amber’s birthday! Yay!

She aged up as a social butterfly and is also active. And to be honest, she might need it. I have no idea who she gets it from but she’s still got some baby fat on her. Weird since both of her parents are basically leeks.

Also, first thing she did was grab some grilled cheese. Awww, she takes after her mother! How cute!

I gave her a little makeover clothes and hair-wise. This is Amber in CAS. She looks a lot like Johnny and I think I can see a bit of Johnny’s dad Geoffrey in her? But I might be imagining things.

More food talk to come. This kid is obsessed!
“Dad will you buy me 1000 cupcakes?”
“Of course, little princess… wait did you just say 1000?”

If she keeps eating at this rate, we need a bigger room for her. And maybe a bigger house. She seemed to be determined to brake Oasis Springs record in most eaten plates of grilled cheese!

When she went to get her third helping of grilled cheese, I just cancelled the action and told her to do homework instead. And she – like any reasonable child would do – decided to do it on the floor.
“What you doing down there, princess?”
“I’m dissolving the floor with my magical powers.”

After homework, I sent Amber outside to meet some other kids. And look who she found. Autumn Landgraab, the evil one of Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab’s twin daughters.

Autumn introduced herself as she saw a chance to gain a minion on her way to world domination.
“…and that’s basically how I’m going to take over this town.”
Amber was like “Coooool”.

“You can be my sidekick if you want to. I’ll name you minister of… uhm … of Assistance!”

Amber happily agreed. She got a cool title and would be part of an amazing adventure! Autumn was pleased with how her plan had turned out. Suddenly, Dina came outside to hug her daughter.
“Be careful with that one, sweetie”, she whispered in her ear.
“Yes, mom.”

Un- uhm I mean fortunately, Autumn had to leave. Amber spent the rest of her day playing horseshoes to develop her motor skill. She’s active after all.

The next morning, none of her parents were up. Amber did what any kid would do and took advantage of the situation. Cake for breakfast it is! She was a little disappointed, though. She had been hoping for strawberry flavour. But well, beggars can’t be choosers.

That’s it for today, folks! Hope to see you next time around!

PS: I couldn’t fit it in somewhere but Dina got promoted to Caterer! YAY! She also passed out on the floor soon after I took this picture. yay…

Next: Chapter 41


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