Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 41

This week we will be following Don Lothario! Previously in Don’s Life: He was living in the Caliente household with Katharina and her two daughters Dina and Nina. He had a relationship with Nina but also kissed several other women. He dumped Nina because she got too clingy and thus left the household. He is now on his own in a small house in Willow Creek.

Oh, and he’s also a terrible doctor. I think it’s time for Don to find a new job and a new way to pick up women. Let’s see… Oh, I have an idea.

Yep, we are opening a business! I had Don get a loan (motherlode, hehe), but he’ll have to pay it back now that he’s not living off the Caliente’s anymore. Don’s dream shop is… dun dun dun … a fitness store! Where he can also pick up hot chicks who come in to buy yoga pants or something like that. Welcome to Don’s Slim Sim Supplies.

This is one of my better builds, I believe. It has a small apartment up top as well so Don can be around all the time. I put Don in one of his more elegant outfits and checked out the business options I had.


Hm, okay, we’ll see how this works out. The first thing I did was set a uniform for female employees, which is what Don would like to have. The uniform was rather… well let’s say it adheres to Don’s taste.

These people were available for hire and I decided to hire Rebecca Boland. Snape would be the obvious choice for his skill, but as I said Don prefers young women as employees. Then, I tagged a lot of stuff for sale and opened the store! Yay, first day of business.

Rebecca showed up shortly after but she was not wearing the uniform Don had chosen for female employees! How dare she!

I had to assign her a uniform of her own. Her task for today was answering customer questions about the new store. Which, in hindsight, was not a good idea. How would Rebecca know anything about the store? Don hired her like 1 hour ago. But look, our first customer!

Woop woop! Many others followed suit. One of them was Camille Thoreau who seemed interested in one of the treadmills. No wonder, I see her jogging in Oasis Springs all the time.

Although she is married, I sent Don over to talk to her since there were no other potential targets. Also, I wanted to test what the business system is like. There were numerous options which raised a blue bar above Camille’s head. I assume this would be the I-will-buy-this-shit meter.

While Don was eloquently explaining the advantages of this particular treadmill, Camille looked to another customer for help. I think she felt rather overwhelmed with Don’s attention. Can’t blame him. It’s his first day in business and he needs to make a good impression. Just tone it down a notch, will you, Don?

Nevertheless, Camille was ready to buy. But wait, where is she going? Wasn’t she interested in the treadmill?

Meanwhile, Don is already checking out other ladies. Focus!

Nope, turns out she wanted to buy this outfit instead. Hm. Weird. But well, Don went to ring her up (That sounds a bit nasty tbh).

This took a lot of time. Geeze, I definitely need this business perk for faster check out. I just hope Rebecca is getting other customers ready to buy so we can speed this up.

Looks great, Camille! Good choice. And she brought in Don’s first self-earned 218 Simoleons. Woo!

The store got rather crowded and many people wanted to buy even without Don or Rebecca answering their questions. Wow, I never thought this would be so much work!

Don gladly rang up this lovely lady. Turns out, she’s a teen. Nope Don, you’re not going there (Not that you could, anyway).

Bob Pancakes wanted to buy this sporty attire. Is he trying to get in shape for his wife, Eliza?

Don spotted a love interest of his, Alba Palermo. She’s a barkeeper and they met and kissed at the park (when Don was meant to be on a date with Nina, lmao). He took the chance to charm her into buying some fitness stuff.

But he also charmed her in other ways. Alba was a bit embarassed by this public display of affections and looked at the other customers apologetically. Oh, btw, that’s Rebecca in the pink top. She was not helpful at all! She just stood around or played on the office computer. I need to lock that door for sure.

Even though Don uses his store to pick up women, he has a kid section as well – for all those single moms shopping with their children. And look who showed up! Summer Landgraab, one of the Landgraab twins. She was not at all impressed by Don’s offers though.

I was reminded by Rebecca that I had her “working” overtime by now. Pfff, you didn’t do a thing! But well, time to end this business day. Don’s store made an astounding 477 Simoleons of profit today. Woo! But paying this 200.000$ loan off might take a while…

That’s it for today, folks! See you next time round!

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5 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 41

  1. Loving that build! The different angles and levels really make it stand out. And yay that Don’s finally taking some initiative with his life! šŸ™‚

    Also, Camille looks good in everything! šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Store is incredible!!! I agree with you running a business is excruciating – the employees never do what you need them to do and its so frustrating checking folks out! UGH lets not even talk re-stalking!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am really glad that you can’t see me fangirling over here. Camille and Shirley showed up! This was such an awesome chapter. I am not at all surprised to see Camille buying a new workout outfit – she never seems to get out of her work out clothes in my game!

    Liked by 2 people

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