Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 42

We are back at it again for with second business day at Don Lothario’s new fitness store, Don’s Slim Sim Supplies! Don spent the night in the upstairs apartment, so he could start early on restocking some items and open up the store. I decided that Don would make a good business owner, so first thing in the morning I let him quit his job as a doctor (he was plum at it anyway).

Hell yeah, I’m awesome!

And look how happy he was! Being noncommittal, this career change made him extremely happy. You go, Don!

He had some yoghurt for breakfast, which he regretted immediately. Looks like this yoghurt stinks!

After restocking some items, Don opened up the store. Rebecca, his first employee, arrived and he gave her a motivation speech on how well she was doing (What?! She is so bad at this, always hanging on the computer instead of working. Pffft).

When the first customers arrived, chaos ensued! Not only was Rebecca not doing her job (again) but only staring at the customers wide eyed. I did assign her the task of answering questions but she just didn’t do anything! Also, suddenly Nadja Vanilla came in and started yelling at Don! If you remember, they had a brief thing back when Don was still Nina’s boyfriend. Nadja seemed pretty angry that he never called her again!

Don – as he is – tried to sweettalk her. But he was so busy charming Nadja that he didn’t even notice angry customers leaving the store because no one attended to them (where is Rebecca, darn it!).

Don’s charm seemed to work at first but then Nadja decided that she wasn’t going to fall for Don again, and left. Bummer.

That didn’t go so well! I then started looking around for potential buyers that Don could talk to – more business, less flirting! I saw Paolo being all giddy excited about this sports outfit.

While I sent Don upstairs I found Rebecca. On the computer. Again *sigh*. I thought I had locked that door! I had Don scold her for slacking but it didn’t seem to help. I need more employees. And better ones.

In the end, it was not Paolo but Bella Goth who Don rang up for some athletic attire. I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded flirting with her too, but her husband Mortimer was snooping around so I let it be strictly business for now.

And after hours and hours of hard *cough* work, I finally had enough points to buy my first business perk – An additional employee! And gosh, how we need it.

Don made a few calls for new employees and…

sorry, Rebecca, but you’re out. There are better candidates out there. I decided to hire Severus Snape although he’s not quite Don’s type, but he just has a lot of skills. To make amends, I also hired Belle Rivers who should perfectly fit Don’s taste. Woo!

After closing down the shop, Don got a call.

Wait, Sandra, why are you dressed like a clown? Guess tragic clown guy left a lasting impression on you huh. Well I guess, since she had a kid with him… Oh well, let’s go out!

I just love Sandra’s outfit. She and Don joked around for a bit but of course then she got affected by the “Run away”-Bug and left even though she was the one who asked Don out. Rude.

Don was pretty desperate for female attention at this point since he had scored no one at the store yet. And the only female at this bar, was this alien lady. She was also pretty much the only one at the bar, save the bartender. Sigh.

Her name is Anyala Nirtam and I created her for fun because I wanted to try alien CAS. Don challenged her to a game of Don’t wake the Llama. Or more like, a game of Don woke the Llama. Haha, badumm tss. Oh god. I’m going to leave now. Sorry.

Anyway, Don and Anyala got along so well, that Don decided to take things to the next level…

That’s it for today folks! See you around in the next part to find out how things progress between Don and Anyala!

Next: Chapter 43


9 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 42

  1. Ah Don, what a player! His priorities are really in order. XD

    I can understand your pain with retail employees! I find most times that it’s not worth hiring them. I hope EA fixes things soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The thing about retail business employees is that they’ll do everything else but not what they’ve been told to do! I usually have household members help out with ringing up the customers and asking questions to fill that bar or whatevere it is called 😛
    And wow, I’m excited to know what will happen between Don and that alien chick!

    Liked by 1 person

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