Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 52

Welcome back to a spoo-hoo-hooooky episode of Vee is for Vortex!

That’s right, it’s Vampires! I decided to play one of the premade families from the Vampire pack for this neighborhood rotation: Caleb and Lilith Vatore (they’re siblings). They used to live in a smaller house in Forgotten Hollow that they hoped to make their home even though they had their differences with the Master Vampire Count Vladislaus Straud IV who lives in the Haunted Mansion on the hill.

So what can a player do…? That’s right, kick out Count What’s-his-face and move the Vatore siblings into the awesome big mansion! Suck it, Vlad.

Vampires apparently have a normal form and a dark form which they can turn into much like aliens with their disguises. I had Lilith turn into hers to check out what it looked like. Pretty scary!

Lilith has the rank of “Prime Vampire” already so she has a lot of powers (but also weaknesses). She can use super speed, mind control other sims and use her powers to make someone be vampiricly attracted to her! Also, she has the power to create other vampires by biting them. Uuuuuuh.

Which makes sense since her aspiration is Vampire Family. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled. Lilith wants to bite and turn as many other sims as she can. This will be fun. Apart from her “evil” aspiration she is active, outgoing and creative. Guess that helps her look more harmless and charm her victims.

While Lilith seems confident and spooky, her brother Caleb is actually kind of a dork. Within the first day of playing him he ran outside 3 times despite the burning sun. Smh.

He’s materialistic so I think he’ll enjoy the new big house I got them … in a total legal way of course. He’s a foodie and ambitious. Ambitious to be a good vampire that is! He doesn’t want to bite any sims and remain as human as possible. Now this could be interesting since he is the exact opposite of his sister Lilith.

The vampire pack gave us two new skills, the pipe organ skill and the vampire lore skill. Since Caleb doesn’t want to bit anyone I thought I’d test these skills with him. But maybe I’m gonna let him practice that pipe organ without me for a while *screeeeeech, my ears*

Vampire lore serves as sort of a tutorial for the player since while your sims research it, you get tips & tricks for the immortal life such as staying away from the sun (oh really?!) or sleeping in coffins.

It levels pretty quickly since it can be leveled up to level 15, so I got the level 3 required for Lilith’s aspiration in no time. Time to roam the city and find some victims to turn. So I headed to San Myshuno’s karaoke bar. Naturally.

Hmmmm, Sophia Bjergsen, maybe?

Nope, she’s in luck, she’s out in the sun. I learned the hard way how quickly vampires die in the sun while playing this pack for the first time. My three vampires ALL died on they’re first trip outside. Boo. This time I’ll do better.

Let’s head inside. Hmmm, so I guess our first victim will be this tasty lady, hehe!

After being bitten she consumes Lilith’s vampire essence and will now turn in a few days time! At least so the notifications say. Nice touch with the teeth marks on her neck.

There’s no stopping us now! Turn everyone! Who’s next? Oh yes Marketa, aka ThePlumbob, mwahahaha. But before we turn her I’m gonna play around with these mind control powers.

LOL she actually started working out behind the bar haha. Okay, that was fun but let’s get down to business. Lilith sneakily sneaks up behind Marketa…

Or maybe not so sneaky. Look who’s watching. My simself! She’s not amused!

More like “What the hell, ew”.

Well, well July, now that you’re already here, I guess you can be the next victim! But Lilith strikes up a casual conversation first to give July a false sense of security. So evil!

Very casual.

Hm, I wanted to turn my simself into a vampire but Lilith didn’t have enough Vampire energy to do it. So some dark meditation was in order.

Not suspicious at all. But it seems like no one cared. Oh well, time to sink my fangs into.. myself?

Marketa seems pleased that she isn’t the only vicitm now. Guess we can be Vampire buddies. Oh I should open up a vampire club for Lilith and her fledglings! Maybe in the next chapter.

After being bitten, July gets a werid feeling in her stomach. I never though I’d say this but food doesn’t seem appealing at all right now. Lol, so unlike me.

So now Lilith really doesn’t have enough Vampire energy to turn anymore sims so I guess that random lady that showed up is safe. We’ll have to return to the mansion to sleep for real. But after this hard day of labor, Lilith deserves a break. And what better to relax than a round  of horrible vampire karaoke!

Ha! That’s it for today and I hope you tune in next time for more vampire shenanigans!

Next: Chapter 53


4 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 52

  1. What an amazing first decision it is to kick out Vlad. He’s causing so much havoc in so many stories, it’s unbelievable! *applauds you on that decision* 😀

    I love how dorky Caleb is! In each story it seems like he’s a complete sweetheart. 🙂

    Wow, what a productive day Lilith had! I hope everyone she turned will be able to get used to their new forms and lifestyles quickly!

    Liked by 1 person

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