Until It Breaks – Chapter 28

Gossip Queen

Valerie hadn’t heard anything about Ethan or Jenny since she had reported his shady activities to the police. She hadn’t given her name or other information so she didn’t even know whether the police had done anything with her tip. But it wasn’t in her hands at the moment so she tried to stop worrying about it.

She had come home to spend the weekend with her parents. She was still trying to figure out how to tell them she had quit Havencrest when she didn’t even know what she wanted to do next. The thought of her parents’ disappointment made her flinch. But she had made her choice. Ethan would make sure she got kicked out anyway. She could at least pretend to have quit on her own to save some dignity.

Valerie heard the front door open signaling her parents’ return. She went downstairs to greet them and help her mom prepare dinner.

“Hey sweetie, how was your day?”, her mother chimed.
“Quiet, as usual”, Valerie replied, “Hey, dad.”
Valerie’s father gave her a quick hug after hanging his coat.

“You won’t believe who we met at the store today. I bet your mother can’t wait to spill the beans”, he winked at his wife whose cheeks were glowing red.
“Come one, Philipe, you make me sound like a gossip queen. But it is indeed interesting…”, she pondered.
“What happened?”

“We met Mrs. Crawford today, you know, Jenny’s mom?”, she began as she made her way to the kitchen. Valerie followed curiously.
Valerie straightened up. Was this the news she had been waiting for?
“It’s almost too scandalous to say.. but it seems like Jenny canceled her engagement to Ethan Alexander!”

Mixed emotions rushed through Valerie’s head. She was unsure if she was happy about this or not. Justice seemed to have been served but she had also ruined Jenny’s life. No, Ethan ruined her life, not you.
“Of course, I’m terribly sorry for Jenny, but I can’t pretend I liked the boy. Only met him once but he made a shady impression on me already…”, her mother rambled on.
“Why did they split?”, Valerie managed to ask.
“Oh, this is where it gets mysterious. Mrs. Crawford wouldn’t tell me what for but it seems like Ethan was arrested!”

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