Until It Breaks – Chapter 27

Spill It

Valerie sighed and put down the book she was reading. It was no use she was unable to concentrate on the words in front of her.

After reading the same page for three times she finally gave up and started pacing around the small dorm room. The chat with Liam and Eva wouldn’t leave her mind. She felt mad and betrayed for having actually trusted Eva. Liam was right, she had an agenda from day one. And Ethan’s wrongdoings still went unpunished.

At the same time she was incredibly mad at Jenny for refusing to believe her. I guess we were never friends again after all. The Jenny she had known a few years ago would have acted differently. A lot had changed. She was starting to doubt whether they still had a cause. More and more she was in favor of just dropping this whole pursuit and let Jenny learn her lesson the hard way. It wouldn’t save her place at Havencrest but it would save her sanity for sure.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door and without much of a pause Liam burst inside.
“Have you ever heard of privacy?!”, Valerie exclaimed, surprised by the sudden visitor. “I could have been naked!”
Liam’s face flushed red but he still replied with a calm tone: “Why the hell would you be naked in the middle of the day?”
“I could have showered?!”, Valerie replied, annoyed by Liam’s behavior.
“Whatever, not the point.”
“What is it then?”
Valerie rolled her eyes. Liam looked at her confused.
“You haven’t texted me back? You know, about this whole Ethan thing? What are we gonna do next?”

Valerie sat down and slumped at the edge of her bed.
“What?!”, Liam burst out, “You can’t let him get away. What happened to our plan?”
Valerie felt her patience running out.
“Geeze, you need to calm down. Why are you even so damn passionate about this? I’m done with the drama. Let Jenny do what she wants, I’m moving back to my parents and then I’m gonna start fresh. Preferably without Ethan, Jenny or Eva in my life.”

Liam looked at her wide eyed.
“Why am I…? Are you kidding me?! Remember this isn’t only about you. I want to prove that I’m not some kind of douche who spread nasty lies about his best friends boyfriend because he was jealous. Dammit, Valerie, I’m trying to clear my name here.”

Valerie shook her head.
“That will never work, you’ve heard Jenny, she’ll never believe us… and you know that…?”, Valerie frowned as she realised Liam wasn’t telling the whole truth. She stood up to face him. “Spill it.”

“Spill what?”
“Don’t play dumb. There’s more to this.”
Liam sighed and look down at his feet.
“Fine. I do have feelings for Jenny.”

“Wow!”, Valerie shook her head in disbelief. “Why didn’t you tell me this before? So you wanna win her back?”
“No!”, Liam was quick to reply, “I just want her to be happy. It probably won’t be with me but that dick Ethan is going to break her heart – he kind of already did. He deserves some form of punishment!”

“Aren’t you noble”, Valerie said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She couldn’t believe that Liam hadn’t told her this. It put his whole mission of clearing his name and being the hero in a new perspective. On the other hand it was undeniable that he was right. Ethan would break Jenny’s heart. And as much as Valerie wanted to turn her back on Jenny at the moment, did she really deserve that?
“Please, Valerie, help me. Help her! After that you can do whatever you want and I’ll leave you alone”, he pleaded.
“What could I even do?”
Liam smiled slightly as if he had already convinced Valerie.

“You said you had dirt on him that could get him in trouble. Use it.”
He held out his phone for her to grab. It was time to make a decision.

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4 thoughts on “Until It Breaks – Chapter 27

  1. oh boy! I’m kind of wihh her original line of thinking that if Jenny doesn’t want to know she can learn the hard way. And yay for her saying she just wants to get away from them all, haha! Liam is too close to the entire situation to think about it rationally…

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