Until It Breaks – Chapter 24


Jenny frowned as she saw an angry Valerie rushing towards her.

“You can’t marry this guy!”, Valerie called out.
“What?! Why?”, Jenny’s eyes went wide in confusion. Ethan came running in behind Valerie.
“Don’t listen to her, she’s lying!”
“What are you saying, what’s going -”
“He’s cheating on you!”
The chaos of voices subsided as Jenny just stared at Valerie speechless.
“He’s cheating on you, you can’t marry him”, she repeated.
“Bullshit!”, Ethan finally chimed in.

Jenny’s look wandered between the two of them, a pained look on her face.
“It’s not true, is it?”, she asked quietly.
“Of course it isn’t!”, Ethan assured her but Valerie was fed up with his lies.
“It’s true, I saw him kiss another girl at the first party I came to at your house and after that too, on your birthday and more! He told me he’s only marrying you for money!”
Jenny’s scared face turned into a half angry frown.

“That doesn’t make sense! The Alexanders have enough money of their own. Also, that party was months ago! If Ethan was supposedly cheating on me then why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
Valerie’s mouth went dry, but Jenny didn’t even let her answer as she raised her voice.
“I’ll tell you why: You fancy Ethan! You’re trying to take him away from me! I saw it from the very first second when you took his phone number and all. You’re jealous!”

“NO! I’d never want that… asshole!”, she spit out. How could Jenny not believe her?
“Hey that’s my fiancee you’re talking about. Shut your dirty mouth!”, Jenny cried out.
“Open your damn eyes!”, Valerie yelled back. By now, every person in the café was staring at them and the dramatic scene that had unfolded. The only one not frozen in shock was Ethan who had moved behind Jenny with a slight grin on his face that made him look even more arrogant than usual. Valerie knew she had forsaken her place at Havencrest by doing what she had done – forever. But the pressure and the guilt just became too much. Now she had to make it worthwhile.
“Check his phone! I bet he messaged the girl on there!”
Ethan’s grin didn’t go away.
“I did no such thing. Go on, check it!”, he held out his phone for Jenny to take but she shook her head and pushed Ethan’s hand away. “I won’t give in to this bullshit.”

“I know the girl”, Valerie tried again, “She’d tell you the same thing!”
Ethan’s smile faltered just for a second.
“You can’t get someone to testify who doesn’t exist!”, Jenny called out angrily. “Stop it with the lies!”
“He’s lying!”
Valerie didn’t now what to do. If Jenny didn’t believe her it was all for nothing.
“Even if I did believe you – which I don’t”, Jenny’s voice had turned ice cold, “I’d still be mad because you didn’t tell me about it sooner. I think you’re making this up because it suits you now! You’re a sneaking bitch either way. Now get out of my sight, I never want to see you again!”

Valerie stood in shock as she looked at Jenny with pleading eyes but she had turned away. Ethan’s smug face was only reminding Valerie of her defeat. But suddenly the café door opened.
“She’s telling the truth, though!”

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9 thoughts on “Until It Breaks – Chapter 24

  1. Ooh, what a place to end it! You know, if Jenny doesn’t want to hear the truth when it’s staring her in the eyes, it’s her own damn fault. Looks like she’s not willing to let her little illusion break no matter what (until it breaks? Haha!), so who knows if this newcomer at the end of the chapter is going to make it better or worse, since they’ll force Jenny’s world she’s desperately clinging on to crash down.

    I’m glad Valerie finally told her though. At least her conscience can somewhat clear now, and she’ll finally be able to face consequences of her own actions, like she should have a long time ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Your comment it’s very insightful. Yeah since Jenny was Bullied as a kid she is now desperately clinging to her “perfect” world dismissing anything that could hurt her which will probably hurt her more in the end. Ironic :/ but yeah there’s nothing more valerie can do now.


  2. Oh snap! Is that you, Evelyn? Just as I was about to say, “You know what, Val? Forget her! You barely know her anymore anyway. This is not worth being upset over. You’re not BFFs anymore!”

    Liked by 1 person

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