Until It Breaks – Chapter 21

Not Worth It

Valerie walked aimlessly around Havencrest Campus. It was late and the park was almost empty.

But the conversation with Liam had left her restless. The fact that she was not the only one to know about Ethan and Eva shocked her. But even more so when she realised it was of no use. Her deal with Ethan was still on the table. She sighed as she sat down on a bench near the science building. Would the circle of lies ever stop? How could she break it? She found it increasingly difficult to keep her secret from everyone.

And one thought had entered her mind that she couldn’t get rid of: Maybe it was not worth it. Maybe she should just tell Ethan to go to hell and drop out of Havencrest. Imagining the disappointment of her parents was painful. Still, carrying this burden around, lying to everyone, being afraid of getting caught… And before she got her degree she would have to live with it all for five  years.

The thought made her cringe. Five years of more lies and secrecy. Maybe it wasn’t worth it. She grabbed her phone and played with it in her hand. One call. Tell Ethan the deal is off. Just do it.

Suddenly, the phone in her hand started ringing. It was Jenny. Valerie gulped and took the call.
“Val! Hey! Guess what, Ethan and I are coming to Havencrest next weekend! Ethan is taking me to shop and Dolce&Simbana as a late birthday present, isn’t that sweet?!”, she blurted out. Valerie’s insides twisted. She had an exact idea why Ethan wanted to come to Havencrest and it wasn’t about Dolce&Simbana.
“That’s great, Jenny”, she said neutrally. She didn’t even have the energy to fake enthusiasm. But Jenny didn’t even seem to notice.

“You should totally meet us in town for drinks. About 8 on Friday? Great! See you then, Val!”, Jenny babbled and then just hung up. Valerie sat there baffled. Drinks with Ethan and Jenny?

Hearing Jenny’s excited voice about going out with Ethan made Valerie’s blood boil. No, it definitely wasn’t worth it. And next Friday she would expose Ethan for what he was. In front of everyone. And it would feel so good.

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10 thoughts on “Until It Breaks – Chapter 21

  1. Um, it’s a little late to try to back out of the deal… if it comes to light how she got her spot at the uni in the first place, she’ll not only struggle to find a different uni that would accept her, but to find a job too. Them again, a bit of karma in her face might do her good.

    I do wonder though, why is Ethan still woth Jenny? He got into the uni he wanted, so what’s holding him back from ending it? Hmm…

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