Until It Breaks – Chapter 16

Nice to Meet You

The first few days of college had passed in a blur. Valerie had gotten her schedule straightened out by now but it had been a bumpy ride. If she hadn’t already been a nervous wreck when she had arrived at Havencrest… The fear of being exposed was never receding. And the constant anticipation for her latest vision to come true wasn’t helping the stress either. But so far, it had not.

At least she didn’t run into this Mr. Dalton. She had checked his picture on the university website to make sure to avoid him. He didn’t know what she looked like but Valerie liked to be cautious.

Then again, the dean hadn’t recognized her from the student’s interviews – and how could he since she hadn’t been there. Valerie had been sure to be exposed then and there. But the dean had Valerie on his list of new students, so he had convinced himself that he had simply forgotten. Crisis averted.

Today was actually her first class of psychology: behavior principles. She was beyond excited. This was what she came here for, to become a psychologist. And maybe uncover the mystery of her weird dream visions in the process. She knew about one class which dealt with the subconscious but it wasn’t until next semester.

Valerie was running late but she could already see the classroom at the end of the hall. She scurried into the small class room and quickly sat down on the next free spot – just in time for the professor to walk in and start talking.
“Welcome to Psychology 105, behavior principles. My name is Professor Richards, some of you might know…”

Valerie’s focus on the lecture was interrupted by the girl next to her who was still rustling head under the table to find something in her back. Rather annoyed, Valerie turned back to face the professor but just the girl emerged from her search, victoriously holding a notebook in hand which she put on the table. Valerie stiffened as she realized who she was sitting next to.

The red-haired girl smiled at her briefly then turned back to listen to the lecture. Valerie had no idea if the girl knew who she was. She should know, Ethan could have told her all about the deal with Valerie. But then again she had shown no signs of recognizing her, so maybe she didn’t know. Fear suddenly grabbed hold of her. If this girl did know about the deal, she could most certainly expose her.

The girl curiously turned towards Valerie while the professor was writing something on the board. Valerie grabbed a pen to jot it down just as the girl leaned towards her.
“I’m Eva, by the way”, she whispered and smiled. Valerie still wasn’t sure if she knew who she was.
“Valerie…”, she answered cautiously.

“Nice to meet you”, Eva said and she sounded sincere, “I feel so lost in this place, I know no one. It’s nice to get to know people. Do you know anyone here?”
Okay, now I’m sure she has no idea who I am. Valerie was about to reply but suddenly the professor turned and looked at her.
“If you want to chat, you can do it outside. This is a lecture”, he said grimly.

Valerie’s face flushed red. She had only said one word! Eva had done all the talking. Reprimanded on the first day of class. Valerie felt like she wanted to die. But then, Eva spoke up.
“I’m sorry, Sir. It was my fault, I started talking”, she admitted and hung her head. Valerie felt a wave of gratefulness wash over her as the professor’s attention turned towards Eva.

“Well, don’t do it again! I’ll take a note of this”, he snapped and continued his lecture. Valerie quickly scribbled a thank you on a piece of paper and shoved it across the desk. Eva grinned. No problem, really. That professor is a douche. she scribbled back and started doing an impression of the professor featuring his grumpy face. Valerie put her hand on her mouth to stifle her laughter. The rest of the lecture went down quietly and the two girls headed outside.
“Wanna grab a snack? They say the campus has a secret hot dog stand and I want to find it”, Eva suggested as they walked out of the class room.

Valerie still couldn’t believe that the first person she met in class would be her. But on the other hand, she had seemed nice enough so far. Maybe Ethan was just using her like he was Jenny.
“A snack sounds good”, she replied and followed Eva on her quest.

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8 thoughts on “Until It Breaks – Chapter 16

  1. Geez! This professor is too much lol. Most of my professors didn’t care that much. I mean, the strict ones may have commented on the excess chatter, but they didn’t like write your name down and stuff like it was high school LOL. I love it. But ummmmm…tread cautiously, Val. Don’t trust this girl!

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