Until It Breaks – Chapter 15


An eerie silence filled the unfamiliar corridor. She had no idea where she was or how shegotten here. She felt helpless and mad at herself but didn’t know why. There were several doors leading away from the corridor. She realized they were marked with signs like bathrooms at restaurants.

A familiar urge to open one of the doors came over her. But she wasn’t afraid this time. She was about to discover something sad, she knew it. Something that didn’t quite fit in with the view she had on things. This time she knew she wanted to go in there. She grabbed the handle and entered the room that was supposed to be the women’s bathroom. As she went inside she heard a sound from one of the stalls.

After the complete silence of the corridor it practically bellowed through the room. The sound made her heart ache. Something was deeply wrong. If only she could help.

Valerie woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom. Her first reaction was panic until she remembered that she had moved into the student’s dorm a few days ago. She still wasn’t used to it. The walls were still bare and it didn’t feel like home just yet.

And then the dream… Valerie knew immediately that is was the same type of dream she had before Jenny’s party. She felt scared and curious at the same time. What had she heard in that bathroom? And why? But if this was going to turn out like last time she didn’t want to know. What if this would only pull her into another messy situation? Was there a way of avoiding the vision to come true? Don’t go into any bathrooms. 

Valerie shook her head. She had no idea where the corridor she had seen was located. She couldn’t stay in her room forever just to avoid it. She remembered the feeling of helplessness and anger that had washed over her in the dream. It wasn’t as bad as the shock she had felt last time but still not a feeling she treasured. Would she be able to make it through?

She looked at the clock above her nightstand. 4 am. Time to get some more sleep before her first day of college. Starting at Havencrest still felt surreal. It was her dream yet she felt increasingly less excited about actually attending the school. There were so many things that could go wrong. And with these recurring visions, she felt more confused than ever. At least some of these classes might help her understand what was happening to her. Valerie had a feeling it was nothing good.

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7 thoughts on “Until It Breaks – Chapter 15

  1. heh, yeah, ummm…not sure what good can come of these visions if you’re going to keep sabotaging your opportunities to do the right things! lol

    When I was in college, I used to wake up not knowing where I was either when I’d move into a new room. Heck, even years after I graduated, the first few nights in new apartments was like that. I was really good at making cheap beds feel comfortable. I would be so comfortable at night, while I was asleep I would think I was at home. Then I’d wake up confused as all get out when I saw I wasn’t there lol.

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