Until It Breaks – Chapter 10

The Future She Wanted

More than ten days after moving in, Valerie had finally unpacked all of her boxes. After giving her room a few final touches, she sat down with a book to get some well deserved relaxation. The last two weeks have been crazy.

But before Valerie could indulge into her escape from the real world, her phone rang as if to say ‘No rest for you!’. Valerie sighed and picked up the phone.
“It’s Ethan. Look, I think I found a solution to your little… problem. I can do it right now and we can close the deal”, Ethan didn’t bother with smalltalk. He found a way? Valerie’s heart was racing. This could be her second chance. But…

“What’s your brilliant idea?”, she wanted to know. She didn’t trust him. He might be stalling her to keep her away from Jenny just long enough to get his own college acceptance from Jenny’s dad.
“Can’t tell you on the phone.”
“Well, I want to know. Be sure you’re not playing with me.”

“I’m not”, Ethan said sternly, “But if you don’t trust me, you can come over to my house and watch. If that’s your thing.”
The way he said it made Valerie’s cheeks flush red.
“Keep your dirty innuendos to yourself”, she snapped at him.
“Fine. Now are you coming over or what?”
Valerie agreed to meet at Ethan’s house and he gave her the address. Valerie didn’t immediately leave after hanging up. Was she doing the right thing? It was true that she didn’t trust Ethan but demanding to meet with him also gave her more time to think about it. You owe Jenny nothing. she’s so caught up with Ethan she wouldn’t even believe me, said a voice inside her head. But if she wouldn’t, why would Ethan offer up so much for my silence? I’m being an awful friend for not telling her, another voice replied. Jenny doesn’t want me as a friend. She hasn’t called once since our fight. Her future was on the line. And the future she wanted was Havencrest…

Valerie didn’t know what she had expected Ethan’s home to be like, but it looked surprisingly normal. The suburban house was in a part of Willow Creek where people usually did not worry about money too much.

Valerie walked the short path up to the door. When she rang the bell, a man opened the door who could only be Ethan’s father. He had the same black hair and the resemblance was uncanny.
“Hello, Mr. … uhm…”, it just then occurred to Valerie that she had no idea what Ethan’s last name was. But the man just smiled.

“Alexander, but please call me Curtis. Ethan told me that you were coming over for your little project.”
“He did?”, Valerie was surprised that Ethan would be this open with his dad. Doesn’t he care what his son is doing to his girlfriend?
“Of course! I think it’s great that you are planning a surprise party for Jenny. She will be so happy.”
“Oh, yeah, sure…”, Valerie was startled. A surprise party for Jenny? She was probably the last person Jenny wanted to see at her birthday party right now. But at least Ethan wasn’t sharing his cheating endeavors with his family.
“But please, come in. Ethan is in his room”, Mr. Alexander beckoned her inside and showed her the directions to Ethan’s room which was in fact in the basement. Very fitting.
She knocked on the door and stepped inside after Ethan’s brash voice had allowed her to do so. The room was untidy, measured by any standard. Clothes were lying around everywhere, boxes were carelessly thrown into a corner.

Valerie wrinkled her nose in disgust.  Ethan was sitting at his desk which featured obnoxiously many and big computer screens. Judging by the tidiness of the desk, it seemed to be his main workplace. He smirked at her.
“Yeah, girls don’t usually like it down here. But believe me, this room has seen a lot. You’re welcome to stay anytime.”
Valerie flushed red once again.
“You’re disgusting”, she replied but Ethan only shrugged.
“Grab that cube and sit down so we can get going.”
Valerie did as she was told while Ethan opened up some windows on his computer.

“So… what’s your idea then?”, Valerie asked.
“Listen up now, this is genius…”, Ethan said and began to explain.

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22 thoughts on “Until It Breaks – Chapter 10

    1. Yes, I remember. I can see why! I like me a bit of a mysterious douchebag that’s just about mysterious enough that you give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his potential douchiness hahahah

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  1. Is he going to hack in and add Valerie as accepted student? But that wouldn’t work, would it? She needs permanent solution. This would be only temporary before the guy Geoffry finds out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just wondered if all her feelings for him were gone too … or did that “lets just be friends” sting a little bit in the heart (like I said perhaps I read too much not it)


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