Chapter 42 – The Chosen One

Tahia and Nieva got up with the sunrise. They were both very excited to visit the slave market today. Both women were nervous. There was no point in denying it, the breeding would be difficult for both of them.
„Just remember that I love you, no matter what“, Nieva had told her wife the evening before. Tahia kept repeating those words in her head like a mantra. They left for the market without anyone noticing. But the Creator knew where they were headed so it didn’t matter. They just didn’t feel like taking advice from everyone on this particular day.
After arriving at the market, they slowly made their way towards the main stage, looking at all of the slaves around them carefully.

Nieva shot Tahia a questioning look as she spied a good-looking redhead. Tahia nodded in approval and they approached the slave.
„What is your name, slave?“, Nieva asked him neutrally. The redhead smiled and bowed to the women. Tahia thought there was a gleam in his eyes that she didn’t like.
„I go by the name of Malik, my beautiful lady“, he winked at Nieva. Tahia’s face flushed with heat and her expression turned from curiosity to an angry stare.

„Watch your tongue, slave“, she lashed out at him. The slave bowed again but his smile didn’t falter. Nieva sideways glanced at her wife and immediately knew that they would not be taking this slave home.
„That is all“, she only said as they retreated a few steps away from him. Malik simply shrugged and went on with his business. Tahia was still trying to stare him down from a distance.
„I didn’t like the way he looked at you“, she growled. Nieva nodded, she understood. They would need to find a slave they both liked or this would not become a successful mission.

„Choose one, then“, Nieva suggested to her wife. Tahia stopped sulking at the redhead and looked around. She wouldn’t pick someone as confident as Malik, that was for sure.
„There, what about him?“, she pointed towards a blonde guy who was busy watering plants. He was wearing an almost unnoticeable but kind smile on his lips. Nieva tilted her head. He didn’t look like he came from the Amazon.

They walked towards him. As he noticed the two, he stopped his garden work and smiled at them.
„How can I be of your service?“, he asked, his voice light and warm. Tahia smiled. This one was more to her liking.
„Where are you from, slave?“, Nieva wanted to know. There was something exotic about him that appealed to her. She would like to see him father their child, indeed.
„The North, my lady“, the slave replied, „My former tribe gave me to an Amazon Creator as a gift, but I had to leave their tribe later and so I ended up here.“

There was a slight expression of sadness on his face, but he quickly covered it up with a smile.
„We are looking for a breeding slave“, Nieva explained, „What are your qualities?“
„People say I am a kind and good person, I also pride myself on my knowledge of food and cooking, but I like working outside with the gardens, too, as you can see“, the slave told them. He didn’t seem to object to the idea of becoming a breeding slave. Nieva turned towards her wife.
„What do you say, my love?“, she asked nervously. She wanted this business done with, and this slave seemed very capable. Tahia took a good look at the man standing in front of them.

„One more thing“, she announced. Nieva sighed internally. There went her chance. This was going to be a long day if Tahia disliked every slave they found. But to her surprise, Tahia only said: „I want to know your name.“ She even smiled at the slave! Nieva breathed out slowly. She felt relieved.

„My name is Roran and it would be an honour for me to be your breeding slave“, he bowed slightly. Nieva clapped her hands. „It’s settled, then!“

As they returned to the tribal grounds, with Roran trotting along behind them, Manika just stepped out of the house. She smiled as she saw that the women had found a suitable breeding slave. He did look exotic! Nieva came towards her and smiled.

„Let me introduce Roran, Creator, our new breeding slave.“
„It’s good to see that my tribal women have found someone strong to sire a tribal daughter“, Manika nodded in approval.
„It’s a pleasure and an honour to be here, Creator“, Roran stated and bowed. There was something mysterious about him, Manika thought. She could easily see why Nieva chose him, he reminded Manika much of her. He was friendly and modest, no doubt, but she was sure there was more to him than he let on. But she wouldn’t push it for now.
„You will find the slave quarters over there“, she pointed towards the small hut, „You can stay there as long as the breeding takes. Afterward, you’ll have to leave.“

Roran nodded. He had been a breeding slave before and was used to the procedure.
„As you wish, Creator.“

While Nieva had been introducing Roran, Tahia stood back with an uncomfortable look on her face. She couldn’t help it but feel left out. She knew her wife well and although she didn’t seem like it, Tahia knew that Nieva was very excited for the breeding. It’s because of the child, not because of him, she reminded herself. But as always, it was difficult for her to suppress the feelings of doubt. This might be harder than I thought…

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