The Warning – A Short Story

Whenever a child is born, the Timekeeper creates a clock for them. The clock is a personal thing, no two clocks are alike. The clock represents the personality of the human it was created for. The Timekeeper knows everything about you and captures it in the clock. Humans never get to see their clock, but it will always be there, hanging in the House of Time, on an endless wall next to the clocks of their mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends and every other human in the world.

And they aren’t ordinary clocks for they don’t show the time but the precise amount of hours, minutes and seconds until their owner’s death. The Timekeeper watches over the House of Time and all the clocks. He informs death whenever someone’s time is up. You would think that was nothing special. But the Timekeeper doesn’t only watch over the clocks, but also over the people themselves. And in some cases, he might even make contact. Everyone knows that it can happen, but every night people pray that it will never happen to them. Because when the Timekeeper makes contact it can only mean one thing. That the time of their death has changed…


Emmery threw his bag in the corner of his new room in Windenburg. It was cold and empty, boxes standing around waiting to be unpacked, but Emmery didn’t feel like it. He could only think about how he was hours away from Cassandra and she didn’t even care. His friends had long given up on trying to convince him to date another girl. He didn’t want another girl. Sometimes he felt like they were making fun of him for liking the black haired, quiet Goth girl, but he didn’t listen. He loved her and his stupid brain had screwed it up. If only he could turn back time. But Emmery knew that wouldn’t happen, and he tried to forget about her. Suddenly his phone beeped and he jumped. Cassie! But as he looked at the display, disappointment spread across his face. Marc… What does that dude want?

Marc: Hey, man, you alright over there?
Emmery: It’s alright, I guess…
Marc: Oh please, it’s Windenburg, it must be amazing!
Emmery: …
Marc: Come on, don’t tell me your mulling over that girl again, are you?
Emmery: Shut up.
Marc: Boohoo, Emmery, man up! You’re such a softie. There are better treats out there.
Emmery: Whatever, man, gotta go. Talk to you later.

Without a second glance, Emmery stuffed his phone into his pocket. More like, talk to you never, plumhead, he thought angrily. His friends just didn’t understand. With that, he threw off his clothes, pulled a pair of sweatpants from his backpack and went to bed.


He was woken up by the annoying beeping and blinking of his phone. Plum it, Marc, leave me alone. He wanted to roll back over and sleep but for some reason, he grabbed the phone instead. I’m gonna tell him he can goCassie! His heart was suddenly racing as he read the message.

Cassie: Hey, Emmery. Can we talk? Meet me at the Willow Creek Park at 9 am.

Emmery didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to reply because he was afraid of scaring her off. But how would he get back to Willow Creek in 9 hours? He didn’t even have a car! But there were late night trains right… He could make it… He just had to hurry.


Exhausted, Emmery arrived at the station only to find that no more trains were going off tonight. He wanted to scream. What should he do? Suddenly, he spotted a dark haired man walking towards the parking lot. A spontaneous idea popped up in his head and he ran towards him.
„Excuse me! Sir!“, he called out and the man turned around. He looked a bit annoyed at the disruption, but still asked calmly, „What do you want, boy?“
„A ride. To Willow Creek“, Emmery panted. The stranger smirked as if he was trying not to laugh.

„I’m not heading to Willow Creek. I can’t help you“, he said and had almost turned around when Emmery said: „I can pay you. I have money.“
The stranger hesitated. „How much money can a teenager have? A trip to Willow creek would take up a lot of time and fuel. I don’t think -“
„5000 simoleons!“, Emmery called out and the stranger stopped talking. He suddenly looked at him differently and Emmery wasn’t sure he liked that look. But he was desperate. He needed to talk to Cassie.
„What did you say your name was?“, the man asked slowly.
„Emmery. Emmery Clark.“
The strangers eyes shone for a moment but the look was gone as quickly as it came and Emmery thought he must have imagined it.
„You know what, Emmery, I think you’ve got yourself a deal. I’ll get you to Willow Creek“, the stranger smirked.

Emmery was relieved. He would be able to make it after all. There was a knocking in the back of his mind, but he ignored it. He was just thinking of Cassie right now.
„Hop in. We just have to stop at my place so I can pick up some stuff for the ride.“
Emmery nodded and got into the car. He felt elated. He would fix everything.


Ten minutes later, they arrived at a large, modern house and the black haired man stopped the car.
„You can come in, if you want and grab some snacks from the fridge. I’ll be back in a bit“, he said and got out. Emmery hesitated, but his stomach was growling and the stranger had been quite nice to him so far. He was already on the path to the house when a loud beep stopped him. What the… It wasn’t his phone. Suddenly, a red glow came from his wrist and he realised the noise had come from his watch.

Big black numbers were staring at him from the little display.


For a few seconds, he stood in shock. No, no, this can’t be… Everyone knew the legend but it couldn’t happen. Not now. Not to him. And why? Emmery started to panic. What should I do? His mind was racing, that was until the black-haired man stepped out of the door.
„Don’t you want any snacks?“, he asked in a friendly tone. Emmery retreated slowly. It was him. Something about him was off.

And now Emmery gave in to the knocking at the back of his mind and realized that the stranger had never asked him to show him the money. If a teenager offered you five grand, you’d demand proof, wouldn’t you? But this guy had graciously agreed just as he had mentioned his name…
Just at that moment, the stranger noticed the red glow on Emmery’s wrist and his face twisted from friendliness to anger.
„No!“, he called out and dashed out towards him. Emmery reacted quickly. He spun on the spot and ran for his life. He could hear the other man behind him.

How could he have been so stupid? The son of Thornton Clark, the richest businessman in Sunset Valley, running around at night, alone? Emmery grabbed the car door in front of him and slammed it shut after he got in. The stranger was just scooting around the back of the car as Emmery turned the keys and sped off into the night, leaving the stranger behind.


As he got back to his parents’ house, the red glowing had stopped. Emmery breathed in deeply. It seemed he had narrowly escaped death. The kidnapping would have gone wrong… the stranger would have killed him… And all the time he didn’t realize the danger he was in because all he could think of was Cassie. He got out of the car and snuck back into his room. His parents didn’t even seem to notice. Emmery pulled out his phone. He had to let go of her. Even if he was able to fix it, he was in Windenburg now. It was time to move on. But just as he wanted to type the message, a text came in.

Cassie: Sorry, Emmery, it’s just us, Marc and Nick. We found Cassie’s phone at the park and thought we’d have some fun, seeing you speed back to WC. But Mom found out and made me write this. Sorry, dude 😛

Emmery stared at the phone blankly and fell back onto his bed, trying to make sense of everything that had happened this night. He sighed. He definitely needed new friends.

Author’s note: This story is my submission for the monthly short story challenge on the forums. This month’s theme was: The Countdown. Check out all the other amazing submissions and vote here.

!The train station is a build from the gallery, it’s not my creation!

The bad guy is Tony “Meatball” Corleonesi, he was created by RoryGilmore34 and is now famous in many stories! The original story he was in is “Legacies of the Sims” which is full of twists and will get you hooked! Check it out here.
Another story with Meatball that I highly recommend is the “Heffner Legacy” where Tony plays a decisive role in Gen 3. Check it out here.


25 thoughts on “The Warning – A Short Story

  1. Meatball: When I’m not doing yoga with my bearsuit club, I’m keeping busy attempting kidnappings after dark!

    I don’t care if it came from the gallery, that is still an awesome train station build! I especially love the giant, prominant clock there, as it ties into the theme so well.

    I’m reminded a bit of Piers Anthony’s The Incarnations of Immortality series, which had Death and Time as the first two Incarnations of Immortality that were featured, and they had to work together quite often. I loved those books so much, I really should revisit them sometime! The Timekeeper and keeping track of people’s lifelines somehow reminded me of them! I’d love to see the Timekeeper in a story sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a wonderful story! I loved the timekeeper lore! You had me on the edge of my seat, I was like, noo! don’t go into the house! Hurry, lock the car doors! Ahh! 😀 😀 Really good!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cool lore here! Love the concept of this story, with the Timekeeper. Your introduction was really gripping. And then that moment when his watch started beeping was so frightening. Great writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh, I liked the mythos here! The time keeper is a great way to help death out. I wonder how he messed up with Cassie, but he’s right, he needs new friends, bad!


  5. I really enjoyed this story! I was so worried Emmery was going to die and I never trusted the bad guy from the beginning. I know nothing about “Meatball”, but he obviously is quite popular. lol I’m glad you added him. There may be some keyboards that need replaced from all the drool, though. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I was fangirling so hard when Meatball showed up! Hehehehe 😛 Great story! I loved the twist at the end, that was clever. And the legend of the Timekeeper was very cool and original too! Loved this story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow! I love this story–great twists and MEATBALL! #meatballsighting I also really admire your use of sets–that train station is amazing. Great job with the production. Oh, and the opening screenshot and text really get me–so beautiful. Fantastic job, July!


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