Cooking with Chef Ninjapig

Hey there, this post is a little random. So exokamikaze, also known as ninjapigsims, posted this recipe for Japanese curry macaroni with Chef Ninjapig and I actually came around to try it. Check out the recipe here. I did a few things differently, but it was still amazingly tasty!


Preparing my veggies. I used potatoes and parsnips, because I didn’t have any carrots. But parsnips smell like carrots so I guess it was okay xD

Cooking up the veggies and the pasta. I didn’t use macaroni but just some other pasta I had.

I also didn’t get a curry block, although I live above an Asian food shop. They didn’t have it so I got thai curry paste instead (you see how I’m doing like EVERYTHING differntly xD). And why the heck is this packed seperately?

EW, this looks gross. But I tell you it smelled delicious.

Making the curry sauce. I used coconut milk so it wouldn’t be so spicy. I can’t handle spicy food well.

Throwing in some cheese.

Trying not to eat all of the cheese. Fail.

Adding more cheese for good measure. I can’t help I just love cheese.

Stirring in the pasta and the veggies. You can tell there is too much cheese in there but do I look like I care?

Finished dish with way too much sauce, but it was sure amazingly tasty! Thanks Ninjapig 🙂


8 thoughts on “Cooking with Chef Ninjapig

  1. Yum! Yay! I’m so happy you made my recipe; thank you so much for giving it a try! And with Thai curry paste no less! I’m a huge fan of Thai food and flavours so I’m happy to see it worked out well for you. 🙂 It looks really delicious! ❤

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