No Escape – A short story

Suddenly, I was sitting on a bench in a park with no memory of how I got here.

I looked around nervously. The park seemed familiar but there was something amiss. I couldn’t even put my finger on it, but clearly something was wrong and a chill rolled down my spine bringing a tingling feeling of fear. I didn’t know why, but I was afraid, no rather terrified. I just knew that I had to get away from this place. I stood up and started running.

There were no other people to be seen and the park seemed so peaceful, but my fear only intensified. Something terrible has happened, I knew. I have to flee. I had no idea how I knew these things, but I did.

Next thing I knew, I was standing at a river bank. I wanted to buy a ticket for one of the ships that could get me away from this place. I have to get away…

As I walked up to a man, of whom I somehow knew that he sold boat tickets, I realised I had no money. But I have to flee… There was no time to go back home and get money, no time, no time, I had to run, I had to get away quickly.

I noticed a golden ring on my finger. If I could sell it, I could buy a ticket with the money.

Quickly, quickly, I turned and entered a small building. There were a few people sitting at a long table. I knew they could determine my ring’s worth. Don’t they want to get away? The feeling of fear still controlled my thinking. I didn’t even know why but I had to get away, I had to run. Something terrible has happened…

I got the ticket. Impatiently I was pacing up and down the river bank waiting for the boat to arrive.
“Run, run, as fast as you can”, I heared a grumbling voice. I froze in place. I couldn’t locate the source of the voice at first, but then I saw him. He was following me. He was going to get me. A feeling of horror caught hold of me that I could not fight. Running was the only thought left in my head, and so I ran.
“I’m going to get you.”
I screamed as I heared the voice, it felt like it was beamed directly into my skull. It was everywhere and there was no escape. But still, I had to run.

I ran through the woods always feeling the voice right behind me. He was coming for me… I found a small cabin and got inside. The door was not locked, but somehow that didn’t surprise me at all.

He was following me, he would come soon. I heared a noise and sheer terror took control of my body. There was glass door near me, I dashed through and ran up the stairs that were behind it. I was not exactly trying to be quiet and I was sure that I had been heared. By him, he is coming for me… Upstairs there was a small hallway. I peeked into the door to my left, I saw a bed. A man was sleeping in it. For some reason, I knew that it should have shocked me to this person there, but the only thing I could feel was fear. I wanted to wake him, to warn him of the evil that would soon be upon us. But there wasn’t enough time.

I stormed into another room, it was a bedroom, too. For a second I was tempted to just hide under the covers like when I had been a child. I had been sure those covers protected me from everything. But not this time.

He is coming… I looked around the room and my panicked mind realised there was no escape. No other door, no stairs, no escape. It was my back against the wall and I could already hear the footsteps, his footsteps. I could not let him get me, there was only one way… I turned and opened the window.

I didn’t remember the fall. All I knew was that I had gotten away – for the moment. But safety was an illusion. The threat was still there. Unseen. A shriek howled through the woods. I felt like it penetrated my body and chilled me right to the bone. And the fear was back. I started running. Only this time I couldn’t, I tried to run but my legs would not move. In panic I tried and tried and told my legs to run, just run, but it was impossible. Suddenly, a face emerged from the darkness underneath the trees.

All I could do was stare and watch him coming towards me. I stood in shock, hypnotized by a pair of flaming red eyes.

He got me… I knew it was over now, there was no escape. My heart beat so fast I was sure it was going to explode and horror erased every other thought. I closed my eyes when he came for me.

Eyes wide open, I stared at the wall in my room. Slowly, the realisation sunk in. It was just a dream… just a dream… my heart still tried to beat it’s way out of my chest. I shuddered. It had seemed so real, the feeling of fear was almost palpable.

Still shaking, I stood up and inhaled deeply. Just a dream, no one is coming to get you. I decided to grab a glass of water from the kitchen to calm my nerves and lead my bewildered mind back into the real world. This is my home, no one can get me here. I felt safe with that thought. But just as I was walking towards the door I catched something in the corner of my eye and stopped dead in my tracks. I slowly turned my head and looked at the thing that was hanging on the wall. It had not been there when I had gone to bed. Hesitantly I took a step towards it, then one more until I finally saw what it was. Confusion, then realisation, then fear, crept into my brain.

I wanted to scream but the air got caught in my throat as I stared at the wall in horror. Hanging there, neatly framed, was a picture of me sleeping.

I live alone.


Note: This story is based on several dreams from my dream diary, which is why it might seem so confusing at times.

The cabin is a modified version of a build from the gallery. The house in the last pictures is also not my own but was made by the awesome JoieWilder. Thanks!


31 thoughts on “No Escape – A short story

  1. This is amazing! It sounds like something from the Twilight Zone, if you’ve ever seen that- the black and white definitely help with that effect. Awesome job though! I love classic horror like this!

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  2. This works really well for capturing the utter terror of dreams. You know you have to run, you don’t know why, but you are terrified. And then ending up in certain places with no memory of how you got there…but all not worring about it. Perfect. I also love that it’s not a “wake up and everything’s okay” story. They always annoy me. You can tell there’s more to this story that what is shown here. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I thought it was a feeling everyone could relate to. And I actually had the ending in mind before I thought about the dream part. I thought it was really subtly terrifying you know ^^

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  3. Wow, great story! I was totally frightened as I came to the picture with the man with the red eyes under the tree! And I really love the ending, I’m glad there’s no happy end like she awakes and everything is fine… I like that 😉

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    1. *Misses ts2* When I was reading this it reminded me of when my sims would meet those counts…the countesses never did this, don’t ask me why, but the counts would show up the next few nights to ring the doorbell, and the dark haired black one literally (I kid you not) he would ring the doorbell and stare into the windows as my sim would come to meet him. It happened three different times. After that, I changed to Strangetown. And my sim was always my single simself. Yup. Aliens were much better lol

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    1. I’m not sure, most of my dreams are not really fit for the sim world xD lots of weird stuff going on. I can only think of one other, so I might do it ^^


    2. I hardly remember my dreams and when I do, they’re super weird. I’m talking like eating breakfast with Ghostface from Scream weird.

      I bet it would be good!

      I’ve been thinking of other challenges or stories to write as well, I don’t want to just do one thing at a time. I’m leaning more towards a story than following a challenge

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