Vee is for Vortex – Bloopers

This is a collection of screenshots that didn’t make it into the story for one reason or another. Some of them are pretty normal and some of them are pretty funny. Enjoy!

Nancy yelling at Sandra after she found out that Sandra used a plum excuse to get rid of her earlier

Sandra goofing around with Don. This is actually a friendly interaction though it might not look like it.

Well placed toast

Sandra autonomously making some calming chaomille tea. Of course it didn’t have any effect on her since she wasn’t angry in the first place.

Nancy checking out the cooking channel. Even low needs can’t keep her from that

Nancy, after making some mocca mint cupcakes with the cupcake machine

Malcolms best double-display of snobbish-ness

Who is leaving all these books in unlikely places?

Nancy looking inspired while cooking

Malcolm just wants cheeseburgers and fries instead of this yucky healthy yoghurt

Classy, Nancy, classy


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