Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 6

Sooo, this chapter I will be playing… *drumroll please* … The Landgraabs! Nancy’s conversations with Sandra just intrigued me. She secretly wants to be a writer and maybe wants another child too? We’ll see about that.

I kept their house but I spiced it up a bit:

New second floor with grand piano, painter’s nook and roof access. As always, I am obsessed with diagonally placed rugs. I just can’t help it. Also yay for resizeable rugs! (Just press ctrl+[ to enlarge anything and now it works with rugs too!)

Observatory and rocket building space on the roof.

Revamped patio and new pool. It’s impossible to imagine the super rich Landgraabs without a pool!

Outdoor buffet and party area.

Blue living room. I like to think that Geoffrey collects model cars and airplanes.

New seating corner.

Outdoor fire place.

Writer’s nook. I just love writer’s nooks that are tucked under a staircase. Maybe Nancy can work here from now on.

When I opened up their household I found them on the sidewalk. Nancy obviously just came from a jog (at 5 am? That’s really your time, Nancy, huh?)

Malcolm was more in the mood to take selfies. Nancy is all like “Did I seriously raise this?”. But again, with those sunglasses it’s hard to tell. I decided to give Nancy some new outfits! (and get rid of those sunglasses)

I especially like the red dress on her. Such business. Much wow.

She chose the crimson combination as her everyday outfit.

Nancy is currently in the criminal career! Oh no, that’s not what she told Sandra. I think she feels misunderstood and maybe is afraid to quit her criminal job? Well, too late, Nancy, now you have to take the plunge. I made her quit her old job and got her a job in the writer’s career. She might have to work herself up again but it will be for the best.

She started off by reading a book but she just thought of how great of a movie this book might make. She should be writing movie scripts! Well you can soon do that, Nancy! I think she will be happy with her new job.

When I checked on Malcolm he was peacefully doing his homework.

I don’t trust him though… evil him might be planning something. Maybe he’s not doing his homework after all but writing down plans for pranks? I’m watching you, Malcolm!

Meanwhile, Geoffrey was practicing his charisma skill. Maybe he could re-charm his wife again? Things were getting stale lately.

The chicken dance? Really?

Not like this, Geoff, not like this.

Oh no, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry, poor you…

Geoffrey got pretty sad from not spending enough time with his family. He’s a family oriented sim. I almost felt sad for him but then I checked his relationship panel.

Gasp! He’s having an affair! Nancy doesn’t have any other romantic interest by the way. Not a single one. This whole business made me think. I read up on the Landgraabs’ history and it says that Nancy was originally a Landgraab and had all the money. Geoffrey just married into the family. For some reason I always assumed that Nancy had married Geoffrey for the money but it was the other way around! (Maybe). Well, Geoffrey is not exactly a model so Nancy must have some genuine feelings for him. We just have to wake them again! And maybe I can get Geoffrey back on the right track.

In the morning, the whole family actually gathered at the kitchen table (Malcolm had just come back from working at the cafeteria). I think that Geoffrey is really glad about Nancy’s new job (I assume he knows). He’s not really the type of guy who likes criminal activities. Maybe their marriage crumbled after he found out that she was a criminal? Well in that case, we can rekindle the romance now.

“So, honey, uhm… what do you think about the new additions to the house?”, Geoffrey asked nervously. (Yeah, I admit, I told him to engage a conversation). Nancy might have been inclined to ignore him, but last chapter Sandra Muffin had given her some good advice – to feel more relaxed about things. So she light-heartedly answered.
“I love it. Thanks for my new desk, honey! Don’t you think a cupcake machine would be a nice new device too? I would like to practice my cooking.”

The couple smiled at each other. I think it was long ago they had an actual conversation. They look so in love right now. Not all hope is lost! Then I thought of the other thing, Nancy had told Sandra Muffin…

This is “Learning German with July and her sims”, live from the Landgraab household.

Try for baby = Baby machen
Woohoo = Techtelmechtel (please, please let this word be read to you by Wictionary. Even I, as a German, think it’s hilarious! PS: Thanks to Meggles for that link)

End of today’s lesson!

So Nancy pulled Geoffrey into their bedroom and they tried for baby!

I don’t know yet if Nancy’s wish has been granted…

By the way, while Malcolm was at school I received a question: Should he contribute to the group project or let the others do all the work? Since Malcolm is evil, I selected “Let others do all the work” (Die anderen die ganze Arbeit machen lassen).

But karma comes around to bite you, Malcolm! He got a bad grade and came home exhausted and angry. Better work next time!

That’s it for today! I hope you tune in next time to find out whether Nancy is pregnant!

Next: Chapter 7


31 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 6

  1. I forgot she was in the criminal career. She doesn’t seem the type to me at least.

    I listened to the wiki for the translation and it sounds like “tasty messy”. Bwahaha! He does sound like he’s waggling his eyebrows, though. Too funny!

    I hope their marriage continues to look up. Gregory needs to end his little side romance, though, before Nancy finds out. I’m unsure how she would react to that.

    Malcolm is interesting. He should meet Wolfgang Munch. I could see them having much in common. Granted that came after you wrote this chapter. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So happy you picked this family – Nancy is one of my favorite npc’s. I always thought Geoffrey had the money – I learned something new xD The remodeling of the house is awesome – you’re great at interior decorating and I hope to see you do more in the future

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve had the “switching syndrome” happen whenever I go into build mode–were you in build mode right before this?

    “Techtelmechtel” — just one of the words I want to borrow from you! 🙂

    Really enjoyed your interpretation of the Landgraabs!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Aw yay Landgraabs! I like the new additions to the house, especially the writer’s nook and outdoor fireplace area! 🙂

    I hope Nancy does well in her new career! I like that she’s putting so much effort into bettering herself and her family life. nooboo yay! ❤

    Oh Geoffrey. What will he do with Maje? I hope things won't get too messy!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you play Malcolm, seeing as how he's kind of a rich spoiled brat! Maybe things will change for the better soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love what you did with the Landgraab’s home. I always felt it was so sparse (and no pool! c’mon!). It’s fun seeing another side to the Landgraab’s. Also “baby machen” — I read it like, “baby making” and it was so appropriate! Let’s get to some baby making! lol!

    On switching and standing on the sidewalks – If you close the game or go into manage households and then go back to the family you were just on, they are still doing all their same things. If you go into a new household (usually) they’ll be standing out on the sidewalk. I do like rachelrosebud and try to switch when I know that household should be at home.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m at work and can only make a quick comment, but about how Nancy and Geoffrey were out on the sidewalk when you loaded them up … I call this the “Switching Syndrome” (I’ll try to explain more on that Neighborhood Rotation thread you started on the forums) in that it’s unfortunately what I don’t really like about TS4 compared to TS2 (where everything is exactly as you left off when you last exited). In TS4, I’ve had Sims lose their jobs (like Bob Pancakes) since they won’t be at work if you loaded them up during their work hours. Ending play sessions between 4am and 5am in the morning is good since I don’t think a Sim’s work hours are ever during this stretch of time. I miss some things about TS2 terribly 😦 But, I am super excited about TS4, more so reading your latest chapter. I LOVE LOVE how you pay attention to their thought bubbles and stuff. Gives them more life. I made Nancy quit her criminal career, too. She got into cooking big time and now runs a Bakery!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeah the switching thing is annoying 😦 but it doesn’t always happen sometimes they are where I left them.

      She wanted to be a writer so writer it is 😀 I will go through with malcolms aspiration though – I want to test out new Parts of the game after all.


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