Chapter 34 – Birthday Wishes

In the morning, Manika found Kalaya sitting on the Creator’s seat in the meeting area. The child was grinning and looking about proudly.

Manika walked up to her and sighed.
“Hey sweetheart, you can’t sit there. It’s the Creator’s seat you know”, she explained.

“One day this will all be mine!”, Kalaya replied lordly, “You are Creator now but I will be soon. I wanted to test my new seat!”
Kalaya was beaming with pride but Manika was worried. Her daughter really had more pride than it was good for her.

Manika ordered her daughter to sit next to her on the bench. Kalaya did so, but she was only unwillingly giving up her new found throne.
“See, little one, you are not Creator yet! You can sit on this chair when you are older, but right now you are still a child and your mother is the Creator, so it’s her chair, okay?”
“I’m clever”, Kalaya retorted, “I already know everything about Amazon Culture I’ve read a lot of books. I could be Creator right now!”

Manika was growing impatient.
“Don’t you talk back young lady!”, she snapped at her daughter, “Now go back to your room and think about modesty!”
Kalaya grumbled and left. She really didn’t like being told off by her mother.

But that day a happy event took place too! It was Nieva’s birthday. Manika went inside where Baato was already preparing a cake and Nieva and Tahia were talking.

“I don’t feel old yet”, Nieva just said, “I’m still in great shape. And you are keeping me young.” She smiled at Tahia and the other woman smiled back. But none of them had received Manika’s permission for a proposal yet.

Everyone changed into party clothes and joined the birthday celebrations. Only Kalaya was still grounded. Manika thought it might teach her a lesson.

Nieva thought long and hard about what to wish for. Didn’t she have everything? The only thing she still wished for was marrying Tahia.

So she blew out the candles and wished for Manika’s permission to propose to Tahia. She already dreamt of a beautiful wedding in the gardens…

Kahio on the other hand didn’t like parties. There was just too much noise and too many people around.

After grumpily doing his chores he stole away to the training area to work off some tension. His training had been paying off lately and he already felt a lot stronger.

After the party, Manika encountered a red haired man outside.
“Who are you?”, she asked him, but she remembered the moment he told her.
“I am Arku, Creator, the slave who servers your honorable mother. I am here to bring you a message: The Creator Mother would like to invite you all to her birthday celebrations, especially including the young Creator heiress”, he explained.

Manika smiled. It would be great to see her mother again. And maybe she could also give her some advice on Kalaya…

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