Discovery – Chapter 12

Jennifer found herself staring at the portrait once again. She had hung it over the kitchen table. She solution was near she could sense it. Who is she?

But then all of a sudden, the memory flashed in her mind. The woman was her mother.

The realisation left her dumbfounded. Her mother… Anger built up inside of her. This guy, Tony Ballinger, kept her away from her! How could he rip their family apart like this?! She felt more and more angry with every second she thought about it. The rage was fuming inside of her. She had to get out of this place right now. I’m going to punch him in the face…

She ran outside, it was dark, but she didn’t care.
“Let me go!”, she screamed at the wall, “Let me go, let me out, let me go!”
Over and over again she yelled and bashed her hands against the wall.

And suddenly the wall was gone.

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6 thoughts on “Discovery – Chapter 12

  1. Oooh, twist! She broke out of the brain simulation, but what about her body in containment? Wonder where her “spirit” (for lack of better word) is now?! Or if she could project herself… hmmmm! Curious and curiouser!

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