July’s Builds – Modern Maniansion

Name: Modern Maniansion
Origin ID: Julyvee94
Gallery link: click
Lot size: 40×30
Price: 360.482
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
CC used: none
Packs used: Perfect Patio Stuff, Get To Work, Outdoor Retreat

Front of the house

Back of the house

Ground floor overview

1st floor overview

2nd floor overview

Kitchen and eating area

Dancefloor, seating area and grand piano (behind the mirrors, there is a bathroom)

Living room area

Writing nook under the stairs

outside seating area, hot tub and pool

Reading nook and working area

Seating area and grand piano on the first floor

Painting nook

Creative photography and music area

Bachelor’s bedroom on first floor

First floor bathroom

First floor spare bedroom

Open Gym

Gym’s bathroom

Second floor hallway

Master bedroom

Master bath (toilet is behind the wall)


You can find this build on the gallery under my origin id!


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