Discovery – Chapter 10

Jennifer woke up from a strange dream once again, but it was different. She had actually been able to see some of the racing images in her head clearly. She rushed to the easel to paint the recurring face she had been seeing before she forgot it.

When she was done she stood and stared at the woman she had painted.

Who was she? Why did she keep showing up in her dream? Jennifer had no answer but she knew that the woman was somehow important to her.

Meanwhile, in the town outside the laboratory, Francesca Lucia was staring at the TV screen.

But she wasn’t really watching. It was only the same program that had been running in an endless loop for the past 3 years. She only watched it out of routine. Actually she was thinking of something else…

She didn’t know why but her thoughts had returned to her daughter. She had been able to push those thoughts away for a long time but not today. Tony, you god plum bastard…, she thought. Why couldn’t you just let us be? She had asked herself this question a lot. She blamed herself. She hadn’t resisted enough, she had let him convince her that it was for the best.

As she sat to force down some of the chemical fake maccaroni she cursed Tony to eternity and beyond once again. I regret the day I ever met you…

The so called food tasted horrible of course but it was the only things they got during winter. It was too cold outside to grow any crops. She remembered Tony’s words from 2000 years ago. “The world is dying, Francesca. We have to go. I won’t let you die here.” How the plum had she let that bastard convince her to go? Now the world was dying and they were dying with it.

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7 thoughts on “Discovery – Chapter 10

  1. That’s an amazing painting. I’m ashamed to say that I hardly ever paint anything from my sims life.. I just do boring standard paintings for quick cash. Yes.. I’m a bad sim mom and this tells me that I should fix it (or at least I say it now lol)

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