Discovery – Chapter 9

Helen cringed as she heard Ballinger call for her from the laboratory. She was so going to get fired. She slowly stood up and walked into the lab expecting a fuming Professor Ballinger to be waiting for her, after he had seen Jennifer look at a certain file she was not supposed to posess. But surprisingly, she found something else instead.

Helen was rendered speechless by what she saw on the TV screen. Ballinger was staring at in awe as she finally walked up next to him. Her concern about him seeing the file was washed away in an instant.
“Tony, what is going on…”
“I have no idea”, he said amazed, “When I came in she was just rushing into the kitchen looking very angry and suddenly she stomped her foot and she stove burst into flames!”

Helen couldn’t even believe it.
“But…that means…Tony, things don’t break in that house, how is this even happening?”
She had to admit it: she was scared. And Ballinger better be to. They had no idea what this woman was capable of. She had apparantly broke the stove purely through her will in a house where things were designed to never ever brake. Impossible.

“Don’t you see how great this is, Helen?”, Ballinger kept gushing. Helen was still concerned. She had given Jennifer the file because she deserved to know what was going on – but this was a new level. What if she… could she…get out? No, no impossible… But Helen had thought a lot impossible. And one thing she new: If Jennifer ever got out she would be very, very, very angry.

Ballinger abruptly snapped out of his amazed gaze and strode towards the other door. Helen wordlessly followed. He was staring through that window at that machine that was keeping Jennifer alive – at least her body.
“Amazing”, he whispered.

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