Chapter 30 – Out Of The Dark

While Manika had found a way to feel optimistic and look forward to her child, Baato remained grieving. He couldn’t even tell why Taam’s death shook him up so much but he kept thinking about it.

Since Taam was gone, Baato had been the only one in charge of caring for Kahio. But he was way to absorbed in his own thoughts to wonder about the child. Kahio felt less and less noticed and once almost decided to run away.

But he quickly reverted his decision, he didn’t want to cause the same uproar as last time. It might not end well.

Playing at the monkey bars made him happy for a while, but it also reminded him of Taam. Taam had been like a father to him and Kahio deeply grieved for his loss. He didn’t show his feelings openly, because he wanted to be a strong slave. Only once did he try to talk to Baato about it.

But the other slave was already so sad, that he only cried out when Kahio mentioned Taam. Kahio wanted to hit him. You are not the only one with feelings, he wanted to scream.

“Come on, Baato, talk to me. If I can handle this, then you can do it, too!”, he raged at him. Baato only shook his head.
“What do you know about it, you’re only a child!”
“He was like a father to me! What was he to you?”

Who was he to him?
Baato wondered. Without another word he got up and stepped out into the night.

Working with the plants calmed him. Why was he so sad about Taam’s death? It wasn’t about himself, Baato thought, it was more about the general fact that he was doomed to watch every friend he made in this tribe die…

The next day, fairly unnoticed, Kahio aged up! All the dealings with Taam’s death had made him more mature.

But the feeling of being superfluous in this tribe also made him a loner. He felt like he was better of on his own. But he still aspired to prove his true worth through strength.

Even though nobody through a party for Kahio (Note: okay, that’s a lie, check the bloopers), the birthday spirit still lay in the air.

It fell on Tahia and Nieva as they ate.

After a while, Nieva broke the silence.
“I have been thinking a lot lately”, she told Tahia who didn’t interrupt her, but patiently listened.

“I was sad a lot, not because I had feelings for this slave, but it was a tragedy that he had to die. The Creator held great love for him I could see that. I doesn’t seem fair to me, that their relationship had to brake.”

“But only through this I realised how lucky I truly am to have you. I won’t try to push you away, Tahia. I love you and all that you are. I love the painter, I love the clumsy girl and I love the beautiful woman in you.”

Tahia blushed. “I am sorry I yelled at you. It was childish. I only want to be with you and I couldn’t stand the thought that you were avoiding me for no reason. I love you.”

Note: Sorry for Baato going all wilty flower in the last few chapters. I recently decided to go more with what the game gave me and Baato really was the one who grieved most and longest, even longer than Manika. I guess her pregnancy made her happier.


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