Discovery – Chapter 8

Jennifer avoided the computer for the next few days. She was scared to open that file mentioned in the message. What would she find? She tried to distract herself with painting. But although she always felt inspired in the painting room, these days she was lost for inspiration.

The mysterious message kept nagging at the corner of her mind and after a few days, she gave in and settled down at the computer.

The file was right there on the screen. Nervously, she opened it. It was overwhelming. Names popped up, pictures, letters, texts she couldn’t even gather it all.

But there was always the name of this one man: Professor Tony Ballinger. That must be him… Jennifer thought. She also noticed a lot of files with a completely wrong date. 08-15-3833? Those files must be corrupted… There were plans for strange machines, sort of capsules, obviously designed to hold a person inside, but what for? The only thing that Jennifer was now completely sure of, was that this man, Tony Ballinger, kept her here and watched her. Suddenly she got so angry she wanted to break something. She got up and ran into the kitchen.

As soon as Jennifer had sat down at the computer, Helen had called Prof. Ballinger to the kitchen and offered him a plate of eggs and bacon – well at least it looked like eggs and bacon.

“I’m never going to get used to this chemical stuff”, Ballinger sighed as he ate.
“Is it really that bad?”, Helen asked, trying to distract him from getting back to his work. Jennifer needed time to look at the file.
“Yes, and you know that. Sorry, I need to get back to my work”, he said and almost walked out the door.

“Wait, Tony”, Helen jumped up and called after him. He turned.
“Wouldn’t you like to sit for a while? I would like to hear about the progress of your book”, Helen told him. Ballinger appreciated her interest and agreed to sit down with her. Helen was relieved.

But it didn’t last as long as she had hoped. Something Ballinger said about his book reminded him of his work, and out of the door he was.

Please don’t let him see the file, please, she pleaded in her mind while she stared at the wall and waited for the outburst.

Suddenly, there was a scream from the laboratory.
“HELEEEEEN!”, Ballinger called out. There it was.

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3 thoughts on “Discovery – Chapter 8

  1. Uh oh! It’s not looking great for Helen! I still have no idea what’s going on lol, except that they are far in the future… They were talking about their last day in this world in the letter. Could it be that the earth has slowly become uninhabitable so they have created for these capsules where sims can live and are testing them out with subjects as Jennifer?

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