Chapter 28 – Coping

When Manika noticed that Grim had come to take her loved one, she started crying at Taam’s grave. How would she ever cope with losing him? The love of her life…


Like the last time he visited, Grim didn’t really get why everyone was so sad. Another death, wasn’t that awesome?


Not everyone thought so. Baato also mourned for his friend and was perpetually sad, even while cooking – an activity he had come to enjoy over the past years.


Grimmy noticed how everyone didn’t share his enthusiasm and seemingly wanted to make it up by helping in the household. Thanks. I guess…

Nieva wasn’t only sad about Taam’s loss, but also about Tahia’s lack of empathy. She did love her but right now she could barely talk to her.


She just couldn’t bear her out-of-place happiness right now. Mostly, the two women avoided each other these days.


Baato seemed to care a lot about Taam, his sadness did not lessen.


Manika on the other hand behaved in a resignated and automated kind of way. She never cried, but she also barely spoke and was often found just staring into nothingness.


Baato hated seeing his Creator this way. He wanted to help her, but knew that everything he could have said, only would have made things worse.

Manika tended to spend more and more time alone.


Either at the chess table or in her room listening to music.


The other tribe members were worried, but also indulged in their own thoughts.


Tahia increasingly worried about Nieva backing away from her. What had she done wrong? One day, she decided to confront her about the matter.

“Would you please tell me what your problem is?”, she asked her after she had found her in the upstairs book room.


“What do you mean, Tahia?”, Nieva said shallowly. She knew exactly what the other woman meant but she didn’t want to talk about it.


“Don’t pretend. I know you. You are avoiding me and I demand to know why! But alright, if you want to play this game, I can do that, too!”
And with that, she left.


She lay on her bed, unable to sleep. She wanted to resolve this but she also didn’t want to come across as weak and needy. She decided to wait a while before talking to Nieva again.

Note: The next chapters will be more gameplay driven, I only have a rough storyline and I also want to incorporate what my sims do autonomously.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 28 – Coping

  1. 😦 *ninjapig wants to hug everyone and bring them ice cream*

    I think everyone needs to grieve in their own way. I hope that Manika will be okay soon, and that Nieva and Tahia will be able to patch things up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since I was just following what my sims did this chapter, it had to be about grieving. The only one who didn’t grieve was Tahia (and Kahio because he was at school when it happened, but in my story he grieves because it makes sense). The next chapters will be more lighthearted I promise 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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