Interlude – The Professor’s Letter

December 10th, 1993

Dear Mr. Harrigan,

I am glad to inform you, that all preperations have been made. After 10 years of work and millions of dollars, the structure is now complete. As you have foretold, the location proved to be most suitable. I am sure that it will withstand whatever is to come. 

Like all other 1731 units, your machine is now ready for you. I have made sure that it got placed in the most secure corner of the hall, like mine and my wife’s. You and I will be with the first ones to wake up and discover. I am one hundred percent sure of the machines’s capability, we will be perfectly safe.

Thanks to your generous support, financially and in terms of recrutes, we are now very well equipped for the future. The storage hall contains a total number of 500 silos filled with various nutrients and building material. 

But I am afraid there is also bad news. One of the recrutes proved troublesome and we had to let him go. I guess not everyone can handle the greatness of being part of the future – humanity’s only future. 

I hope you will join us for the festivities on 31th December. It will be the night of nights and we will celebrate our last day in this world. No one knows what the next 2000 years will bring, but we sure will be there to explore our future world, like Christopher Columbus once did.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Ballinger

Note: Sorry for the pictureless chapter, I still hope you enjoyed it as you got some new clues to what’s going on!

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