Discovery – Chapter 7

You can’t kill an idea. Not once it’s stuck in your mind like a virus, it grows and infects every thought until you can’t think about anything else.

My world is not real…my world is not real…
There was no other explanation. She lay awake at night, thinking, but there was always only one conclusion she could draw.

She found herself carefully touching the canvas just to feel the rough surface underneath her fingertips. It feels so real…

And of course, after while came she moment she had been avoiding… she didn’t trust this strange toilet anymore. No plumbing, no pipes…

She had put it back into place but she still had no idea where the water went.

The food tasted the same as always and at the same time it was different. The thought that had infected her mind slowly led her to another conclusion. She tried to push it away, she didn’t want to think about it. No, no, no, it’s not true… but it crept closer with every minute until she could no longer avoid it. If her world was not real…I am not real…

She did not know what to make of that information. She felt real, she was breathing and when she held her breath she would flush red before the urge to suck in more air became too strong. It feels so right… but it’s wrong…

She tried to go about her business normally. But her hands were constantly shaking and she could not focus. Images started rushing through her mind again… Is this my past… but if I’m not real, do I have a past?

The only thing that calmed her was gardening. But one day, while she was tending her plants, something unusual struck her… the post box… She slowly opened it and actually found a letter!

A new message! She grabbed it and read the front: “You’re still alive…for now. I’ve left a file on the computer for you. But be careful! Try to cover the screen with your body. He’s watching you.” Now what was this all about…

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