Chapter 26 – Final Passion

As they had discussed in Manika’s first tribal meeting, the slaves spend the next few days working on the house. Manika was pleased with the results.

She had ordered the slaves to build a nursery for future tribal children. But it was yet to be furnished. They had run out of funds!

“Mother, I am afraid we have run out of money. The next few weeks will be hard work to earn back what we spent on materials. I don’t want to put you through this. I have already prepared for you to move into the tribal huts across the street and sent a slave to tend to your needs.”
Zaleena became very sentimental. She knew it was a good idea, but she had mixed feelings. She had funded this village and lived a good life here. But now it was Manika’s turn to take over and Zaleena knew she would leave something she could be proud of: The start of a great tribe and her beautiful daughter.

Mother and daughter said goodbye the next day. Zaleena settled into her new home well and the slave, Arku, was also to her liking.

Nieva and Tahia on the other hand were too absorbed in themselves to notice Zaleena’s departure. They had been spending an increasing amount of time together lately.

Manika approved though she was not sure what their relationship was about. She had never seen them kiss although relationships between women were allowed in Amazon laws. At least they get to be happy…she thought.

Manika had to admit that money and work were not the only reasons she had sent her mother away. She was afraid of her suspicions. Zaleena was also a genius. And she had spent a lot of time with Taam without getting pregnant…

“I want to be with you as long as possible…”, she told him but her voice trailed off. She sighed.

“We can’t keep this going forever. People will start to wonder why I am not with child yet.”

“Manika, my love, why are you worrying. I’m not afraid of death. Being with you, even if only for a short time, is the most I could hope for in this life. If I have to die, knowing that we will have a beautiful child together, then I can happily die”, Taam told her. Manika had tears in her eyes. She didn’t want this to end.

But the passion was growing stronger as Taam embraced her. It was getting harder and harder to resist.

As they kissed, Manika threw all caution over board. She wanted Taam with every inch of her being.

The passion they felt was nothing like they had ever experienced before. It was magical and Manika felt closer to Taam than ever.

She probably wouldn’t get pregnant with the first try anyway, right?

Oh well…

Note: I don’t have a picture of Arku but you saw him in the last chapter. He is the red haired slave from the slave market!

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