Discovery – Chapter 6

The next days, Jennifer went about her business normally. She didn’t want to raise any suspicions. Someone was watching her and she would find out who, but all in due course.

She spent much of her time tending and talking to her plants. They were the only living things around and Jennifer felt herself drawn to them whenever she felt lonely.

But her plan had not been forgotten. She worked on it regularly and eventually, she finished the whole sketch.

No one had tried to contact her since that one message and again she found herself wondering. Had the message and the voices been a product of her overstressed imagination? Was the lonelieness so getting her?

One night, she put her plan into action. She had thought of her water supplies and were they went. If there was plumbing, they were a potential way out, even it was only a message she could deliver that way. Maybe she could even enlarge the pipes… but that was wishful thinking. Her goal was to find out if the pipes led out of the house and how to get a message through them.

She worked on the toilet and also chisled away the floor tiles one by one to get the toilet out of the concrete. But when she had finally detached it from floor and wall she made a shocking discovery.

There was no plumbing. No pipes. Appearantly her water simply vanished. Jennifer stood dumbfounded.

Of course, the scientists had watched her from the lab.

“This was bound to happen at some point”, the man sighed.
“Who was in charge for this?”, the woman wrinkled her nose in confusion and anger.
“I don’t remember. That was years ago…Before all this”, the man replied.
“What will we do now?”
“What we have always been doing. We watch.”

At the house, a thought was creeping into Jennifer’s mind. At first it was small and she pushed it to the back of her mind, denying it as impossible. But the thought was strong and it grew in her day by day. Since she had made the discovery at the toilet, the thought had stuck in her head and it was infecting every inch of her brain until it controled her every thinking. A simple thought, that put everything she knew upside down. One simple thought, that changed everything. My world is not real…

Note: I know, I know how this must sound to you. I was unsure if I should clarify something about the stories plot but I really don’t want anyone to jump to false conclusions. This story is not about game awareness. There is already an awesome room challenge about game awareness by VanityHigh (Rodney’s Room) and I don’t want anyone to think I’m stealing her plot. None of my sims are game aware and the story stays completely in world. So now, go along, and wonder what is actually going on.

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9 thoughts on “Discovery – Chapter 6

  1. It would be so cool if she’s one of the only sims left on Sim World and the rest escaped to the planet Sixam until the Sim World became safe again, and they’re testing a few sims out on the planet to see if it’s safe yet O.o

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, after re-evaluating, maybe they’re still on the planet Sixam and they’re using a holodeck/hologram with the same dimensions of what the Sim World is like, so they don’t need plumbing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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