Discovery – Chapter 5

The next days, Jennifer desperately tried to avoid the skill objects, determined not to obey to that voice from the sky – she was sure that the voice and the message connected to the same person.

The scientists were worried.

“Tony…”, the woman began stepping up behind the man, “I wonder, if we should just…tell her, you know. I mean we did it with the others and it worked out.”
The man called Tony sighed. He had also thought about this.
“No, we can’t do that. You see there is a difference between her and the others. For the others there was… hope, you know, a direction, what they were doing all that for. For her, there is no hope and no direction.”
“Then why don’t we…release her?”
“Because I want to know what she is capable of. She’s a study, she is unique… We will never get this chance again, you see.”

In the house, Jennifer was growing more bored with every day. There was just nothing to do without these skill objects. She tried using the computer once more, but no messages popped up and this fake internet began to bore her even more.

“Send me a sign!”, she mused, “Get me out of here, as a sign of goodwill!”
But nothing happened, no one got her out, and no one tried to contact here. By the third day, determination crumbled and fell apart.

Although she was ranting to herself the whole time, she had to admit that she was having fun, using the chess table again. She got better in beating herself every time she played! Or was she getting worse…?

Her plants were also getting along well and she was able to harvest a lot of produce.

She cared for her plants deeply since they were the only living things around – except for the mysterious messenger but that didn’t count.

She had also figured that it was time for another plan. After focusing again at the chess table she started drawing a diagram in a secret code she knew from her childhood. At least she thought she knew it from there.

In the lab, the scientists were watching with mixed feelings.

“What is she doing, Tony? Can you read that?”
The man was fascinated by the screen and didn’t seem to notice his colleague at all.
The man’s head snapped up. “Yes, of course Helen, I mean no, I have no idea what she is doing, but it intrigues me!”
She woman shook her head in disbelief.
“Well at least she is using the skill objects again”, she noticed.
“Yes, yes, very good”, the man said more to himself than to the blonde. “How’s her brain activity?”, he asked.
The woman wordlessly went off to check and returned soon after.
“Slightly better but mainly unchanged. You know, I believe she has suffered far less from these three days than we expected…”
“Marvelous”, was the only thing the man said while he was still admiring the screen.

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10 thoughts on “Discovery – Chapter 5

  1. I love how you depicted her solitude. I would think many people in the same situation would start longing for socialization. Think of Castaway when Tom Hanks had a ball as his companion πŸ™‚ For Jennifer it is the plants – Great insight in your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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