Discovery – Chapter 4

The next day, Jennifer was still confused by yesterdays happenings. By now, she was fairly sure, that she must have imagined this strange voice in the sky. There was no explanation for it. On the other hand, there was no explanation for all of this! She took a long shower, to clear her head.

Meanwhile, at the laboratory.

“Have you got something?”, the man asked.
“Yes, I think I’ve figured out, how we can send her a message. It will pop up the next time, she uses the computer. But I still think it’s a bad idea, Tony. She should better not now about us, yet”, the woman explained.
“That’s great. Lets hope this works. I’m a bit worried about her brain activity”, the man apparently had only listened to half of what the woman had said.

Jennifer decided to try this internet again. There had to be something out there. A hint, a person, anything. But as soon as she turned on the computer a window flashed up. Jennifer almost fell out of her chair.

“What is this…”, she mumbled. It seemed like a message.

“Use the skill objects. Your life depends on it, believe me. Without the skill room, you won’t survive.”

Jennifer got angry. So there was someone out there who knew she was trapped in here, and did not let her out? Was this her kidnapper? Why the plum should her life depend on using skill objects?
“And why do you think, I will do as you say?”, she yelled at the computer, “Let me out!”

“I will not be pushed around!”, she stated and did the exact opposite thing of what the mysterious messenger had wanted. She went to bed. Plum that message and plum the skill objects. I will not use them.

In the lab, the two colleagues were worried.
“I told you something like this would happen, Tony”, the woman frowned at the man.

“This is bad. If she doesn’t use these skill objects soon…She might come around. I mean there is not that much to do in that house, right?”,  the man tried to put on a smile but the woman could see that he was not entirely convinced.

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9 thoughts on “Discovery – Chapter 4

  1. I thought it was a window. What will happen if she doesn’t use the skill objects? I’m so curious to know what it’s happening with her and how she got there. I’m still going with the experiment thing and that’s why she has no memory of anything before waking up there. Did you read the Maze Runner? Another possibility for that…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wonder what the scientists are testing on her… I love how you do the screenshots of them watching her, very creative!


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