Discovery – Chapter 3

She had heard a voice, it seemed to come from everywhere at once. It was a bit scratchy but still sounded somewhat monumental, it shouted: “OH PLUM!”
“Who are you?”, Jennifer yelled at the faceless sky, since she didn’t know where to turn.


“Did you see that?”, the man whispered.
“Yes…”, the woman replied. They both stood in shock. “I was just so afraid what would happen if she started digging, but I never imagined…”
“She heard us!”, the man squealed, there was a hint of cheerfulness in his voice but it was suppressed, just like he didn’t know if it was exactly appropriate.
“Tony, this is impossible. It is not supposed to happen.”

The woman was obviously worried. This was not planned and she hated when things didn’t go as planned. She had no idea what to do.
“This is impossible!”, she repeated more sternly this time as if saying it often enough would make it true. “It’s already a miracle that she is still alive, and now this…”
The man obviously didn’t care about her concerns, if he had even listened. A smile was spreading on his face.
“Don’t you see, Helen? This is incredible!”
The woman named Helen wordlessly turned around and left while the man was absorbed in staring at the screen. She returned shortly after.
“Her vitals are unchanged”, she said.
“Of course they are, as you can see, she’s fine. Incredible!”, the man exclaimed again.

“You know exactly what I mean, Tony. She is not fine. This is not what we expected and we need to get to the bottom of this. There could be a problem with the computers.”
“I wouldn’t call it a problem. It’s a miracle! The computers are working well, I tell you.”

Jennifer was furious when she got no answer to her question.
“Why do you mock me?” she growled.

There was something seriously fishy going on here. Obviously she wasn’t as a alone as she had thought. Or was the voice a product of her imagination? She shook her head. There was no time for this now. She need to escape! Hastily, she started digging but she soon had to stop. She had scratched a bit of grass aside, but the earth beneath was hard as rock. Her shovel would break before she got to any digging. She stood motionless trying to suppress her tears. Her hopes of fleeing were crashed.

She got inside quickly.
“You know, Jennifer”, she told herself, “This is not the end of it. You can still find a way to get out of here.”
She was still unsure if she had not imagined the voice in the sky. Maybe she was going insane…

She was already very tired and decided to save her strength and find a new plan tomorrow. But she was determined to get out of this crazy place as soon as possible.

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15 thoughts on “Discovery – Chapter 3

  1. The first episode of the Twilight Zone is very similar to this one! It’s called “Where Is Everybody?” and it turns out the man alone in the world is doing military training to trick his brain into dealing with loneliness. I’m not reading any of the comments, but that’s a guess of mine! πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey glad that you’re reading! I am always so happy when this story gets new readers πŸ™‚ hehe, keep the theories and guesses coming!


    1. Yay!!!! I only knew this because (I hope you believe in weird fate/coincidences) I watched Source Code LAST NIGHT!! I saw it when it vame out but it had been a while. So funny that I watched it last night and then found this story today πŸ™‚ I enjoyed it so much! You did a great job!

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    2. hahahaha, yeah I do believe it xD sabreene told me she had just watched the show to the book I got my inspiration from. Sometimes those things just happen. Glad you liked the story πŸ™‚

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  2. So I’m thinking she’s some sort of a test subject? They are wearing lab coats, right? It is surprising that they did not expect her to be alive, since she has a whole apartment at her disposal.

    I’m definitely keen to see what happens!


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