Special – An Honoured Guest

This special is about Brunnhilde, another Creator by Bloodredsister. Check out her story here, it’s seriously awesome.


Today, Tribe Arayeo welcomes a guest at their compound. Creator Brunnhilde, who is Asgardian and comes to learn about Amazonian Culture.


Zaleena introduces Brunnhilde to her tribeswomen at the gathering grounds.


Brunnhilde’s slave, Drake, is not allowed at the meeting but instead has a chat with Baato about gardening.


Brunnhilde tells Zaleena, that she is very honoured to be her guest and that she would like to know more about their culture. Zaleena suggests a visit to the Temple of Nature, as it is crucial for Amazonian culture.


She tells her about the Creator Ritual and invites her to attend Manika’s test. Brunnhilde gladly accepts the invitation.


She wants to know all about the ritual and Zaleena shows her the cleansing pool, too.


Of course, they also enjoy the water gardens. Brunnhilde thinks, the Temple is beautiful.



Back at the compound, Zaleena tells Brunnhilde about their sacrifices to the goddess of nature and why they must sacrifice breeding slaves to bless the creator heiress.


She also shows her the gardens.


Brunnhilde is very impressed and has a little chat with Nieva about her great gardening skills.


She also talks to Manika about the ritual she learned about and Manika is glad for a great Creator’s advice.


At the end of the day, Zaleena and Brunnhilde challenge themselves with a game of chess. Brunnhilde has enjoyed visiting Tribe Arayeo and will not forget the things she has learned here.


Note: Brunnhilde and Drake were created by BloodRedSister. Check out her story, too.
However, this special has nothing to do with the plot of my story, but roughly takes place after Raala’s death


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