Discovery – Chapter 2

Jennifer woke up after a tough night. She had tossed and turned as images flashed through her mind, colours racing, unable to grasp. She had this feeling this was about her past, but she didn’t understand. She decided to use the easel to try to capture the random images in her head.

A rabbit? Wait that was not it… She was determined to find out more about these strange pictures, maybe now was just not the right time.

She had found a few packages of seeds in a box under her bed and since she might need more food soon, she picked up gardening.

The loneliness was getting to her though. And the silence. The silence was the worst. She found herself jumping at every little noise, even if it was just the rattling of the dishwasher.

She even started talking to herself, just to have something to hear. It also calmed her nerves and took away some of her loneliness. She hadn’t lost the thought of leaving, but she had no idea how to do it. Her mind was always racing and she was unable to concentrate. She sat down at the chess table hoping for some focus.

“Great move, Jennifer”, she said to herself and smiled at her own cunning as she set her own king checkmate. She sighed. At least the flashing images had stopped. She sat down to think. How could she get out of this house? An idea struck her mind. The gardening tools! She could use them to dig a tunnel underneath those walls in her garden.

She immediately stepped outside, excited at the thought of leaving. Nervously she fumbled with the shovel, but before she could start to dig, something distracted her. “Who are you?”, she cried at the faceless sky.

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