Discovery – Chapter 1

Jennifer soon realized, that she was trapped. This house had no door and there was no way out. She did try smashing the windows, but either she was extremely weak or the windows were made from rocketproof glass. Probably the latter.

Trying to breathe calmly, she sat down at the computer.


She had to find out about … yeah, what about exactly? About her past? About this house? About how she got here? Oh yeah right, no problem, somebody was probably blogging about it on the internet. Fool… She buried her head in her hands, as great sadness suddenly overwhelmed her. She had no idea if she would see her imaginary family ever again.


It was weird. News websites seemed to have ceased to exist as she found none. There were documentations, stories, it looked like the internet, but it was all wrong. Something was missing. There are no people…

She tried one of the books she had found on the bookshelf in the kitchen, but her mind couldn’t stick to it. Her thoughts always went back to that documentation about gigantic calmari she had seen on this weird internet earlier.


As far as she knew, the book was some meaningless fairytale anyway. She threw it into the corner and angrily stood up.
“Why am I here?”, she whispered to herself as she looked around, “Show yourself! I know you’re watching me. Why are you doing this?”


But, of course, no one answered. Calm down, you fool, or you’ll go insane…
Jennifer breathed deeply and instantly felt calmer. She cooked herself a meal and sat down at the table to think about her situation. She had no idea where she was and why. And to be honest, she didn’t really know who she was either. She was alone and it was time to come to terms with what ever was going on and make the best of it.


Next: Chapter 2

Note: I know, I know how this must sound to you. I was unsure if I should clarify something about the stories plot but I really don’t want anyone to jump to false conclusions. This story is not about game awareness. There is already an awesome room challenge about game awareness by VanityHigh (Rodney’s Room) and I don’t want anyone to think I’m stealing her plot. None of my sims are game aware and the story stays completely in world. So now, go along, and wonder what is actually going on.


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