Chapter 9 – Manika’s Foolproof Plan

Manika is quite focused on training her mental skill, she doesn’t even notice it’s already past midnight. Suddenly, Daiko’s ghost shows up, but Manika is not scared. As a Genius, she knows all about ghosts from books.


“Hello, Daiko’s ghost”, she says, “Are you alright? Well except for, that your dead, I mean.”
Manika might be a Genius but she is not very considerate.
“Well, little one, I am happy, talking to you. But I am very sad that Baato won’t talk to me. I have something important to tell him.”


Baato hears his name and rushes into the room. When he sees Daiko and Manika talking, he gets very angry.


“Get away from Manika, you liar!”, he shouts at Daiko.
Daiko immediately gets very sad. He doesn’t know what to do.
“Please, Baato, just listen…”


“Why should I listen to you, you liar. I can’t believe anything you say”, Baato exclaims. Daiko is starting to get angry at him.


Manika is very sad to see two of her friends argue. She tries to settle the situation.


“Maybe you should just listen to him, Baato”, she says, “He is a very nice ghost.”


But Baato is enraged and doesn’t care for Manika’s soothing words.
“NO, no I won’t. He is a liar, he said so to my face! Now leave us alone Manika, this is none of your business.”


Manika might have called her mother, but Zaleena is fast asleep. Instead, she goes to her room. She has already thought of a foolproof plan to get these stupid children to talk.


She will brew a happy potion and let Baato drink it. Then he won’t get angry at Daiko, and Daiko can tell him, whatever he needs to tell. She is very proud of herself to have thought of this and quickly makes the potion. When she comes back to the living room, Daiko is gone. But she is sure, he is around somewhere.


“Baato, I am sorry, that I have interrupted you earlier”, Manika says charmingly, “As an apology I have made you this delicious drink.”
She points to a glass on the table. Baato is easily fooled.
“Thank you, Manika, I am also sorry, I yelled at you. It was not my position to do so.”


Baato drinks the potion and feels peace and relaxation flow through his soul. Why had he been angry again? He forgot.
“I forgive you, Baato”, Manika says and smiles. This was working well. She looks out of the window and sees Daiko’s ghost floating outside.
“You should go for a walk, Baato, the sky is so beautiful tonight.”
Baato feels Manika’s words are true and he would like to enjoy a peaceful night, so he goes outside to take a walk around the compound.

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