Chapter 8 – Mysterious Visits

In the morning, Baato sees Raala outside by her canvas. He had his eyes on her since she arrived, but never dared say anything because Zaleena had always been around. Now she isn’t and Baato sees his chance.
“Raala”, he says walking up to her, “You look amazingly beautiful today, like a wildflower in the woods of the goddesses”, he charms.


Raala seems unimpressed.
“Thank you, Baato. But your effort is wasted. Zaleena already told me you can’t be a breeding slave.”


Oh dear, that went so wrong. Baato is embarrassed. Of course Zaleena had told her, how could he not have thought of that.
“Excuse me now, I must do…important stuff”, he says and leaves.


Raala still wonders why Baato can’t be a breeding slave. The creator surely had a reason not to tell her, but if she stayed observant, she might find out. She was not so fond of Zaleena anymore since she had sacrificed Daiko and got angry at her for mourning him.

Baato flees to the kitchen to repair the broken sink. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.

Note: This is not staged, the old lady actually showed up at their doorstep.

An old lady is standing outside. Baato wonders who she might be, she doesn’t seem familiar. When he steps out of the house to greet her, she wastes no time with introducing herself!

“A deathbed is empty!”, she exclaims. Baato doesn’t even know how to react.


“It must be filled again, and it will rain, oh yes it will rain for a long time and your tribe will suffer from this!”
Baato thinks she is clearly insane.


“If you don’t stop the rain, trouble will be painted on the canvas of the future!”


“My lady, if you might talk to our…”, Baato begins, but the old lady doesn’t seem to care.
“BEWARE!”, she cries out and as quickly as she came, she is gone again.

Baato is worried. What did she talk about? A bed death, oh no wait, a deathbed? And something about raining on a canvas, no that was wrong, he had to get this straight. He had to tell the creator.


“Creator”, he walks up to Zaleena while she and Kanan are training.
“How dare you interrupt me, slave!”, Zaleena gets angry.
“I have some troublesome news”, Baato explains.
Zaleena immediately stops her training. “Tell me”, she says.
“There was this old lady at the door and she said… wait let me think…Ah, now I remember. A deathbed is empty, it must be filled again, or it will rain and your tribe will suffer. If you don’t stop the rain, trouble will be painted on the canvas of your tribe. Then she shouted BEWARE and suddenly, she was gone.”


Zaleena is worried. Who was this mysterious woman unsettling her tribe with her prophecies? And what did they mean? An empty deathbed? Was she to sacrifice one of her slaves to the goddess of nature? Maybe to prevent her from sending a terrible flood! She gets back to her chambers to think this over.

Baato also gets inside to resume his repairing work, when little Manika pulls his arm.
“Look, Baato, a ghost!”, she seems very excited.
“?!”, Baato runs outside to see Daiko’s ghost floating in the air.


“Daiko? Is this you?”
“Yes, it is. I am glad I met you. Ever since I died I only wanted to apologize.”
“What for?”, Baato asks. His friend seems sad.
“I lied to you, Baato. I’m sorry, for it broke my heart and caused you deep trouble.”
“What?!” Baato doesn’t even know what Daiko is talking about, but he immediately gets angry. He seems to be quite hotheaded.


“You lied to me? I will not have it! The creator should banish your spirit, you are clearly not worthy of this tribe!”
Daiko’s ghost cries out and vanishes back into his tombstone.

Next: Chapter 9 – Manika’s Foolproof Plan


7 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Mysterious Visits

    1. I enjoy your comments ^^ that way I can watch you binge read. Will you participate in the book club this week? I use Tab mode and Lightshot to take my shots. Well I don’t use Tab mode when I want to capture the bubbles because it hides them :/

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    2. I would like to participate, but I’m not sure. I don’t know how the bookclub works and how time consuming it is 🙂 I’ll see.
      And your screenshots are really good quality-wise. I use Gadwin PrintScreen when I need bubbles (because they dissapear on in-game screenshots) but the quality is not so good.

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    3. You don’t have to participate every week ^^ Every week there are selected readings, if you want to, you read those selected stories and share your thoughts on them that’s all 🙂 On Friday it’s coffee hour where a host asks some questions about the story (e.g. Who is your favourite character?) and you can answer those if you like 🙂

      Lightshot is very good it also lets you select a region of the screen to capture 🙂


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