Chapter 7 – A Special Bond

Zaleena holds her beautiful baby in her arms.


It’s a girl! She is already so proud of her little heiress, whom she decides to name Manika. She will surely be a great Creator one day.

Now, that a child is in the household, Zaleena needs another slave to take care of all the work. She visits the slave market and brings home Kanan slave.


“Welcome to our tribe, Kanan. I hope you will work as is expected of you.”
“Of course creator, I will not disappoint you. In my previous tribe, the slaves were allowed to talk to the Amazon women, politely of course. How are things handled here?”


“You may talk”, Zaleena decrees. She wants to be a generous creator and be loved by both her slaves and her tribal sisters. She needed loyalty not fear. Well, maybe just a little, to get her authority acknowledged.

Note: More Sixpacks!

Kanan is a busy slave, and he also works out a LOT. Zaleena seems to have made the right choice.

Zaleena is very busy with looking after little Manika, she doesn’t even notice how Kanan takes his permission to talk in his hands immediately.


Raala doesn’t seem to mind. It looks like he helps her getting over dead Daiko.


But unfortunately this doesn’t last long. That night, Raala sees Daiko’s ghost at his tombstone.


She immediately rushes to him. “Daiko”, she cries out, but he doesn’t hear her, instead he just vanishes into his tombstone.
Raala is devastated! Would she never be able to talk to Daiko again?


She knew it was wrong. She should be a strong Amazon, with no attachments to men, but… – Zaleena seems to feel the same way!


“Why are you mourning this dead slave?”, she demands to know.
“I am not mourning!”, Raala is surprised by the creator and hurries to defend herself, “I just saw his ghost at the tombstone and…”
“Talk no more, get back to your paintings!”

The next day, Raala decides she has to get over Daiko. She will start anew! First, she is going to make up for what she missed with Daiko – painting him. She asks Kanan to be her model.


The painting seems to get Raala’s mood back straight. It turned out, Raala’s painting of Kanan is a masterpiece and she feels very confident afterwards.

Note: It’s German, it says “very confident” or whatever this emotion is called in English TS4

Meanwhile, Manika has aged up into a child.

Note: I have no idea how her hair turned out red… *shakes head* genetics…

Mother and daughter share a special bond, as Zaleena tells her daughter all about Amazon culture. Manika is so excited to learn everything. She is a Genius, like her mother and wants to be a Whiz kid.


“Mother, what is this bracelet about? And your necklace? What do they mean? Are they meaningful to our culture?”, Manika can’t seem to stop asking.
“Easy, sweetheart. The bracelet and my necklace are a symbol of devotion to our beloved goddess of nature. You will have to earn them yourself one day.”
“How?”, Manika demands.
“It will be a test in the Amazon temple. They have a great Champion there and… well, I’ll tell you about it when you’re older.”


“But I want to know, NOW!”
“Don’t talk back, young lady! You want to be a worthy creator heiress, don’t you?”
“Yes, mother.”

Manika proceeds to work on her mental skills at the chess table. She surely will be a beautiful, gifted teen one day. Hopefully, she won’t get the wrong traits, although she does look a bit insane sometimes (just like her mother in the bloopers. sigh. genetics).


Next: Chapter 8 – Mysterious Visits


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