Chapter 6 – An Eye For An Eye

WARNING! This chapter contains scenes of sim death

After Zaleena has talked to Daiko, he meets with Raala outside. The two have been in a tribe together for long so Daiko feels compelled to tell her what happened.
“The creator is with child, Raala. I will be sacrificed to the goddess of nature on the morrow.”
Raala is shocked to hear this. She has always thought Zaleena a generous creator and she had hoped she would spare Daiko.

She knows women should not get too attached to slaves, but she liked Daiko a lot. She had always thought herself a strong Amazon but now that Daiko shall die, she can’t help but cry.


“Don’t cry”, Daiko says. “It will be alright. I have lived an honorable life here with the tribe. And my name will be forever remembered as the father of a great creator heiress to come.”
He doesn’t know why but he steps forward to hug her. She does not resist.


Raala was not comforted. She really didn’t want Daiko to die. She was also glad the creator didn’t see them hug. It might have gotten them both punished.

The next morning, everyone meets at the pit of sacrifice. Raala comes unwillingly, but here absence would be noticed. Daiko’s hair has been dyed green, as a symbol for nature, which he will be sacrificed to.
“Daiko slave, you have lived an honorable life with this tribe and you have done your duties well”, Zaleena proclaims, “Your name shall be forever remembered as the father of a great creator heiress, I am sure. Your soul shall find peace and freedom in the afterlife.”
Daiko is not scared. With his head held high, he enters the pit.


Zaleena walks away, but Raala stays. She is crying again. Why must he die. She can’t handle this. She also regrets she hasn’t painted him. Now he will be gone forever. Raala can’t take her emotions, she has to hide, so she walks away, sobbing.


Daiko can’t quite understand Raala’s pain. He will die in honor, what more could a slave want? He never realized she had an affection for him.

Suddenly, Baato walks up to the pit.
“Congratulations”, he says, “You will be forever remembered.”
His tone has just a hint of sadness for he will loose a good friend. But still, Daiko had the better of it. Baato would always be the lazy slave who couldn’t breed and no one would ever remember him.


“Baato”, Daiko says, “I wanted to tell you something. Of course I noticed, you had the lazy trait, but I never said anything, because-”
In that moment, Zaleena rushes in from behind.


“Baato! Get back to work. This slave is a sacrifice to nature, you mustn’t talk to him anymore!”
Baato shies away and leaves immediately for fear he will be banished. He has a history, you know.

Daiko was a strong slave. He lasts almost two days, before Grim Reaper has to come for his soul.


Zaleena comes to the pit. She is glad, Daiko has lasted so long, her daughter would be very strong. Grim doesn’t really understand the emotions going on.


“Grim Reaper”, Zaleena says to him, “You have taken the soul of my honorable slave and I am glad. There was a death today, but there will be a new life soon as I am with child. An eye for an eye”, she announces to the Reaper.


Oh no! Grimmy hates pregnancies. His job is not getting any easier with all these reproducing humans! In a mist of black, he angrily vanishes.

Baato is standing in the slave hut, looking at Daiko’s empty bed.


The other slave wanted to tell him something before his death, but what? He had been too scared of Zaleena to go back and ask him. Well now, he will never talk to him again. He will have to come to terms with that.

Zaleena’s pregnancy doesn’t stop her from working out. She needs to be strong for the birth.


Zaleena asks Raala to feel the child.
“It will be a daughter, Creator, I can feel it. She will be the most beautiful in the Amazon.”

Soon after, Zaleena feels a sharp pain. The baby is coming!


She is panting already, but she is a strong Amazon woman and soon holds her new baby in her arms.

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