Chapter 5 – What I Should Have Done

Zaleena has set Daiko and Baato on building a breeding chamber. The two slaves work hard (well at least Daiko works hard and Baato pretends to) and after a few days they are done.

They are very pleased with their work and Daiko is quite exhausted from doing most of it. But somehow, he doesn’t seem to mind at all.


Baato knows about his responsibility to tell the Creator about his false accusations. He sits down with her at the kitchen table.
“Creator, I have to tell you my accusations against Daiko were false. I have talked to him and they have come to nothing.”


“These were serious accusations! You could have gotten Daiko into deep trouble, falsely. You should have talked to him first”, Zaleena angrily tells him. She had been on the edge of banishing Daiko, then she would have lost a valuable breeding slave. “You will suffer the House of Punishment to teach you a lesson!”


Baato meekly accepts his fate. He knows he has done wrong. He has been in the House of Punishment before but this time he stays a lot longer.


Daiko walks up to the House of Punishment and looks at it for a while. He mutters something under is breath.
“Not what I should have done…”
But no one can hear him anyway. He shakes his head and walks away.


The next day, Zaleena summons Daiko to the gathering place.
“Daiko, you surely know what I will ask of you. It is past time I breed. I want you to give me a beautiful Creator Heiress!”


Daiko knows his duties. As it is common, he gives Zaleena a rose to start the breeding ritual. Zaleena is so glad that Baatos accusations were false.


Then Zaleena plants a kiss on his face. He is a very handsome slave indeed, she thinks. Raala had the right of it. He will surely produce a great heiress.


They end up in the breeding chamber. Zaleena never got very attached to Daiko but she can’t help but feel passion within her as they kiss. None of them ever says a word.

Daiko does his duty well. Zaleena feels the passion between them even without talk. They even try three times, just to be sure.

Soon enough, Zaleena finds out that she is with child. Surely it will be a daughter! She has some doubts gnawing on her what will happen if she only produces a son. But she shoves them away and feels certain it will be a great heiress.

The next day, Zaleena talks to Daiko.
“Daiko, you have done your duty well, I am indeed with child. It will surely be a great Creator Heiress!”
“I am very happy for you, Creator. And I am sure she will be beautiful like you.”

She then tells him, what is to happen with him on the morrow.

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