Chapter 4 – Lurking And Learning

Baato is working hard to make up for his past mistakes. He has a proud garden growing by now.

Still sometimes, the laziness takes over. But then he will take a lazy nap in the slave hut where Zaleena can’t see. He just hopes Daiko won’t tell.

Concerning Daiko, Baato doesn’t know what to make of him. He is watching him a lot lately while he is doing garden work. Daiko pretends not to, but Baato could tell.

This thing was really getting on Baato’s nerves. Hadn’t Daiko other work to do? He should talk to the creator about this! But he holds his mouth as he doesn’t know what he should accuse Daiko of. Stalking him? As far as he could tell Daiko still managed his workload so there was actually nothing he could say.

But another day, Baato believed, Daiko did something really strange!

Note: This is really my favourite shot of this chapter. It fits in so well.

Daiko probably thought he wouldn’t see, but he did. Did that guy just check him out? What was going on? Baato didn’t know what to say. Was Daiko in love with him? Was that why he was watching him all the time? This was against Amazon law! Well…was it? He didn’t know, now that he thought of it. But it surely must be. Slaves are slaves and they shouldn’t have desires. He will talk to the creator about this.

“Creator, I have seen the new slave Daiko behave in the strangest way! He follows me around the gardens and watches me almost the whole day. I believe he is paying more attention to me than to his duties. I feel…”, he doesn’t know how to say it.
“Go on”, Zaleena encourages him.
“I believe he desires me, creator!”

“I can’t believe this. I will have to watch Daiko myself for a while, then I will decide what to do about it!”, she says.
Zaleena is worried. If this is true, she would have to banish Daiko, for a slave like him could not be used to breed.

That evening, Zaleena is especially suspicious of Daiko, but she can’t find something wrong yet.

The whole tribe goes to sleep, or well, most of them.

For the first time, Baato can’t sleep as he is thinking about Daikos behaviour. He liked Daiko, but just not the same way the other slave seemed to like him. He was also getting really annoyed by Daikos stalking him. This had to stop!

The next day, when Daiko is watching Baato again, Baato confronts him.

“What do you want from me?”, he asks, “You have been watching me all the time, just stop it already!”

“What?”, Daiko seems startled, “No I haven’t I…”


“Don’t lie!”, Baato is pretty enraged by now, “I saw you the other day as you were…well…watching me to fulfill your desires! Yes, I saw it! I told the creator about this and you will suffer the House of Punishment!”

“Are you accusing me of being in love with you?”, Daiko laughs and suddenly calms down, “You got it all wrong, Baato, don’t flatter yourself.”
Baato is confused. “So what was it all about then? You, lurking around the garden and watching me.”

“Well the other day you said, I wouldn’t make it long, so I thought I had to improve my skill. Since you seem a master at gardening, I was watching to learn! I think the creator will surely choose you for breeding as you have far more skills. Then I must be there to fulfill your duties, too. That was the only reason.”

“Oh”, Baato is speechless. He can’t believe he got it all so wrong. “Forgive me, Daiko I have done you great wrong. I will have to tell the creator that my accusations were false.”
“I forgive you, Baato. Even though I still can’t believe you would think such of me.”

Any other slave might have been enraged and mad at Baato, but Daiko has the good trait and he is not angry for long. The two slaves become great friends after this incident.

But Baato has to tell the creator he has made serious false accusations. What will Zaleena do?
Also, Zaleena will finally choose to breed in the next chapter.

Note: I really like the word “lurking” lol

Next: Chapter 5 – What I Should Have Done


7 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Lurking And Learning

  1. First a lazy slave, then a gay one? I bet Zaleena was about ready to slam her head against the wall at her luck. (Of course that wasn’t really the case, but as far as she knows… *snrks and the comedy of it all*)

    I just adore Baato’s cluelessness about it all. Somehow it’s so endearing.

    Liked by 1 person

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