Chapter 3 – The Scholar And The Slave

Zaleena knows she needs a Scholar to provide the tribe with money and write down its history. She remembers a good childhood friend of hers and invites her to the join Tribe Arayeo. Gladly, she accepts.

Meet the new Scholar, Raala Weyane.

“Welcome, Raala”, Zaleena says to her, “I am so glad you are here and I hope you will bless this tribe with great paintings and writing.”
“I will do my best, Creator!”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have another slave yet. Baato can’t be a breeding slave for…certain reasons, but I need an heiress”, Zaleena tells Raala. She doesn’t know why she hides Baato’s lazy trait, maybe she is afraid of Raala’s disapproval about keeping him.

“Don’t worry, Creator! I have a solution for your problem. I left my old tribe with honor and they gifted me a slave highly eligible for blessing you with a great and beautiful heiress! He is very handsome and has good traits. And I swear to you, he has the best-looking smile for a slave. His kids will be so beautiful. He can also cook as long as we don’t have a provider.”

That is wonderful news! Zaleena immediately lets the new slave join the tribe. Meet Daiko Slave.

“Daiko, I am glad you joined this tribe. Our slave Baato has good mechanical and garden skill, but he can’t cook. I have heard you are good at this?”

“I am, Creator. I will gladly prepare great meals for your pleasure.”
Later that day, Daiko prepares a lovely salad. But then Baato walks up to him, they haven’t really talked before.

“This salad stinks like trash!”, he says, “Why don’t you cook something tasty for our Creator like cake or hot dogs.”
“A salad is much tastier and more healthy. Everyone knows fast food is bad for athletics. The Creator will approve”, Daiko tells him, trying to persuade him of the salad.

“You won’t make it long here”, Baato points out. Daiko thinks he has to work harder on his skills. Baato was actually thinking about Daiko being a breeding slave soon. Funnily, that idea hasn’t yet come to Daiko’s mind.

Zaleena, on the other hand, knows nothing of this nasty encounter. She is pleased with the meals Daiko prepares for her.

Raala also does very well with her painting and she soon brings money in for the tribe. While painting she watches Daiko do sports. She is very fond of him. Too bad he will have to go after he breeds with Zaleena. Maybe she should paint him so he will be here even after he leaves.

Zaleena is very glad about having Raala in her tribe. She has great skill in painting and brings in a lot of money.

The next Day when Baato is doing Garden work, he notices Daiko lurking around the plants. What the Heck does He want? Baato really doesn’t like being watched like that. He doesn’t know what Daiko is up to, but He will surely have to watch him.

Next: Chapter 4 – Lurking And Learning


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