Chapter 2 – Baato’s Fate

Zaleena needs to think about what to do with her lazy slave. She seeks the statue of her late mother. Closing her eyes she silently asks her for advice and prays to the goddess of nature to give her wisdom. She has to make a quick decision or she will seem weak.

Baato has the lazy trait which is possibly the worst in a slave. After a great deal of thinking, she comes to a decision. She speaks to Baato again, when she frees him from the House of Punishment the next day.

“Baato! You have disappointed me deeply with your laziness. I’m having thoughts of sacrificing you to the Goddess of Nature!”, she says calmly.

“Creator, please”, Baato pleads with her, “Give me another chance. I will never disappoint you again! I might even bless you with a great Creator Heiress.”

“How dare you presume such a thing!” Zaleena gets angry. “I would never choose you for breeding, as you have the worst lazy trait!”
Baato shies away. He feels like his time here will soon be up. Oh please no! The Creator doesn’t seem pleased.
“Please, Creator, I apologize for my insolence. Give me another chance and I swear I will work as hard as anyone!”

Zaleena is glad about his honest remorse. She wasn’t going to sacrifice him anyway. Last night her mother showed her the wisdom. Baato was her only slave and she wouldn’t get another so fast. Additionally he would now be extra loyal to prove his worth.
“I do not forgive you, Baato, but I accept your remorse. If you work hard from now on you may stay.”

“Thank you so much, Creator! I will not disappoint you!”

“No you won’t. But I will not choose you for breeding. Your lazy trait might spoil the children. If you work hard you will still have the possibility of an honorable life with Tribe Arayeo, but your name will not be remembered.”

Baato thinks he should feel sad about this, but he didn’t really want to breed anyway as he knew what fate awaited breeding slaves.
“Thank you, Creator. I will do my best!”

That day, Baato works extra hard to prove his worth to his creator.

His gardening skill is really working up! Soon they would have enough money to enlarge the house. Then Zaleena would find a Scholar for their tribe. She already had someone in mind…

Next: Chapter 3 – The Scholar And The Slave


8 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Baato’s Fate

  1. That’s a smart move, Zaleena! πŸ™‚ I’m glad Baato survives! Poor guy, he has a heap of gardening work to do, which won’t be easy considering how long it takes to maintain a garden! And he’s lazy too. D:

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