Chapter 19 – On A Mission

The two slaves decide to fully search the compound, before telling the Creator about Kahio. They might get into deep trouble for loosing him.


Taam is very concerned about the young boy. He even check on the pit of sacrifice, but gladly can’t find Kahio there.


They search in every corner. Baato even looks under the blankets of the breeding bed (and probably took a sneaky lazy nap in it, once he was there).


But no matter where they look, Kahio is no where to be found. It seems like they have no other choice, but to wake up Zaleena.


“I really hope, Kahio is well”, Taam worries, “Everything could happen to him out there. He’s merely a child!”
“Don’t worry too much, Taam, I am sure we will find him”, Baato reassures him. “But we have to tell the Creator, I’m afraid.”

Zaleena is awakened by a hasty knock on the door. Who dares to wake her at this hour?


She quickly changes and steps outside the room, to find Taam and Baato standing there.


“What is this about, slaves?”, she asks grumpily, “This better be important, if you dared to wake me in the middle of the night!”
“Please, Creator, listen. Kahio is gone. We have searched the whole compound but can’t find him anywhere. We fear he has run away!”
Zaleena’s first reaction is anger and she almost yells at the slaves for loosing the child, but then she reconsiders. Kahio probably snuck out at night, there wasn’t really anything the slaves could have done.
She becomes very concerned.


“Do you have any idea where he might be?”, she asks calmly, trying to rationalise the situation.
“Not really, he didn’t say anything. I last saw him sitting on the monkey bars at noon. He looked very sad”, Baato says. He feels a stab of guilt as he realises that Kahio probably ran away during his lazy nap.
“Well, there is only one way we can find him. You, slaves, stay here in case Kahio comes back. I will go search for him with Nieva and Manika.”

Zaleena calls the other tribeswomen from their bed’s.


“Kahio is gone”, she explains, “We must find him, for the wilderness is dangerous and other tribes might catch him. As we have no idea where he might be, we’ll have to seek out the shaman in the woods. She will converse with the spirits and might be able to tell us about Kahio.”
The women understand quickly and nod in agreement. They immediately leave for the Shaman’s hut.


It belongs to Lanei Yaaru, she is well known as a Shaman throughout the Amazon. Zaleena knocks on the door and a deep voice calls them in.


The Shaman’s hut is quite small with an earthy floor and not too much furniture. Lanei asks them to sit with her.


“I can sense unease and trouble within your souls, my dears. What bring you too me at this hour?”, she asks. Strangely, the tribeswomen not seem to have awakened her, as she is fully dressed, her face is painted and she doesn’t look tired at all.

“We are looking for a young boy, named Kahio”, Zaleena explains, “He has run from our tribe and we now fear for his life.”
Lanei nods.


She stands up. “I might have seen him in my dreams”, she whispers, then sits back down.


“The boy is broken hearted, even though he might not realise. His life started under bad omens and he is innerly driven to find out about his mother’s fate”, Lanei says mysteriously. Zaleena knew this might be about Raala.


“I have seen many futures for him, but this much is true. He will seek out his mother, no matter what. The spirits will guide him. What her fate will do to him, is up to him … and you”, she says.
“I think I know where we will find him. Thank you for your help, Lanei.”
“May the goddess of nature look favourably upon your path”, Lanei smiles and the women leave.
A while later, they arrive at the Temple of Nature.


“If Kahio will seek out his mother, we will find him here. She was sacrificed here and her spirit remains”, Zaleena explains.
They go inside to find the Temple’s priestess tending to one of the shrines.


“How can I help you, Creator?”, the priestess asks.
“We are looking for a young boy…”
“Slaves aren’t allowed here, you know that. I haven’t seen a male here for ages.”
“That much is true. But he might have snuck in. His mother was sacrificed here.”


“I don’t know what you hope to find, but the urns of the recently sacrificed are kept in the room of contemplation and cleanse”, the priestess says.
“Thank you, mother.”

Zaleena slowly walks upstairs and indeed – she finds Kahio mourning the urn of his dead mother.


Zaleena walks up in front of him.
“How did you find this place?”, she demands. Kahio doesn’t seem to be listening.
“Why did she had to die?”, he cries, “Why?”
“I am so sorry, little one. Your mother maliciously manipulated others for her own needs. There is no help denying that”, Zaleena says bluntly. Kahio just sobs.
“I don’t understand!”


“It says it all on this sign”, Zaleena point to the sign above the urn. “I don’t fault you for the misdoings of your mother, but what she did was bad and she had to be punished. Otherwise an innocent man would have lived in dishonor or might have even died.”
“The man was innocent? And my mother manipulated him?”, Kahio’s sobs fade. He wants to understand.
“Yes, little one. I am sorry you had to find out this way. But your life still lies ahead of you. Don’t get yourself down by her wrongs.”


“You should come back with us now. Your life will be honorable. You will stay with us until your young adult birthday and then you will serve another tribe.”
Kahio has stopped crying and stares at Zaleena blankly.
“Come with us now”, Zaleena says. Kahio takes a step backwards.

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