Chapter 17 – In The Maker’s Hands

WARNING! This chapter contains scenes of sim death

Since Kanan has left and Baato is the new designated builder, he has gladly finished Nieva’s room.


He really liked Nieva, she was very kind and often complimented him on his skill. But apparently, that other new slave liked her as well.


When Nieva goes outside to tend the plants, Baato follows and they have a nice conversation about gardening.


But of course, Baato doesn’t have to wait long for Taam to show up, too. Geeze, this guy was everywhere. And Nieva was so mysterious – what made Baato like her even more – he had no idea, whom she liked or if she liked any of them or was just being friendly.
“Don’t you have any duties?”, Baato asks the younger slave.
“Don’t you?”, Taam replies. He has the confident trait and is not afraid to talk back.


Baato doesn’t know what to say and just angrily storms off. But gladly, Taam leaves as well. Nieva just smiles.

The next day she sits down at the table, where Manika is already having breakfast.
“Good morning, Creator Heiress”, she says, “You look beautiful today.”
Manika can’t contain herself.
“Oh please, you’re the one all the men are swooning over don’t embarrass me with your false compliments. You could have anyone you want, and I’m gonna die alone with a broken heart”, she bursts out.


“I would never presume to be better than you, Creator Heiress. I’m only being friendly with the slaves. I’m just a mere gatherer, but you are the heiress to a great tribe. Every slave would want you more than me, as soon as you come of age.”


Manika is immediately embarrassed about her outburst. Of course she was the Creator heiress, she could choose anyone she wanted and they would not say no.
“I’m sorry for my emotions Nieva. I still have to learn.”
Nieva just smiles and both peacefully continue their breakfast.


Meanwhile, fairly unnoticed, Raala has given birth. It’s a boy! Raala is very sad, for now she will surely die. Why had the maker deemed her unworthy? All she had done, she had done for love. She merely wants to care for the boy who has sealed her fate. She hardly felt any love for the child, she wouldn’t even name him.


Shortly after, Taam discovers the baby when he comes in to bring food.


He immediately tells the Creator and Zaleena comes to Raala’s chambers. She has questions that must be answered.


“Raala, the maker has deemed you unworthy as you have birthed a boy. You will be brought to the pit of sacrifice at the temple. But I still must now. Why did you do it? Why Baato?”
Raala, who now has nothing to lose, spills out all the emotions that were so long inside of her.


“Because he told you to banish Baato’s spirit! I know it. I don’t care if you approve, but Daiko had my heart. He was decent. He didn’t deserve to die. You sacrificed him and Baato was afraid of him and unworthy. He yelled at him and wanted him gone. He deserved it!”
Zaleena realises Raala’s misunderstanding.


“Baato never told me to banish Daiko’s spirit. I decided that myself, for there was a prophecy, which told me I must do it.”
Raala is shocked. What had she done?
“I wish you could take back, what you did, I really do. But you must pay for your actions. But as a sign of mercy I will give you a chance. If you last more than one day in the pit, you may live, but you will never come back to this tribe again and your son will be raised here.”
Raala nods. There is nothing but sadness left inside her.
“I don’t want to have anything to do with this child”, she cries out.

The next day, the tribeswomen gather at the Temple of Nature.


A priestess of the temple speaks a prayer for Raala’s soul and Raala enters the pit. Manika leaves. She doesn’t really want to watch this.


Raala has to last one day, but she is no champion, just a scholar and her strength leaves her after only 13 hours.


Back at the compound, Taam is now in charge of taking care of the baby. The little boy still doesn’t have a name, but Zaleena will surely decide this soon.


Zaleena is very sad about Raala’s death. How did it ever come this far? She also feels bad for the baby, whose mother never loved him, even if he’s just a boy. He would be raised here and sent away when he came of age, Zaleena decided. She didn’t want to punish the boy for the failings of his mother.


Zaleena joins Manika at the workout corner to take her mind off the bad dealings. She is very proud of Manika building her strength. She is sure she will win against the temple champion. Her birthday is not far now…


Note: I struggled with this update and I hope it doesn’t come off as too stiff and is believable. I’m trying to go a little more with the flow of the game and not micromange too much. That’s how the first half of this chapter came to be.

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