Chapter 16 – The Temple

On the morrow, Zaleena says goodbye to Kanan.
“Kanan, slave, you have served this tribe well. Your leave will be honorable. May you find good work with another tribe”, she says to him.
“Thank you, Creator. It was an honor to serve you”, Kanan replies. He is not all that happy now that Raala has turned out to be a manipulative little witch. He would have rather stayed with this tribe. But he was but a slave and this was not his choice, so he leaves for the slave market.


After Kanan has left, Zaleena and Manika go to visit the Temple of Nature. Zaleena desperately needed some relaxation.



The sight of this impressive temple takes Manika’s breath away. She can’t wait to see what it looks like on the inside.


Zaleena seeks the corner of contemplation and calls her daughter, too. She needs to explain to her, what she must do, if she wants to become creator.



“Manika, my beautiful daughter. As you know, once you’re of age you will take over my place as Creator of Tribe Arayeo. But before you must undergo a special ritual and test. Thereby you will earn a necklace and a bracelet which will signify your worth to the goddess of Nature. Do you see this enclosed space over there? These are the fighting grounds. After a ritual of cleanse you will fight the temple champion. If you win, you are worthy of becoming creator.”
“What happens, if I lose, mother?”, Manika asks.
“Then you will have to study the holy ways here at the temple for a year and then may try one more time.”


They walk to another room.
“This is the room for the ritual of cleanse. You will be blessed with the holy water from this basin and then wash yourself in this holy pool”, Zaleena explains.


After the explaining is done, Zaleena and Manika enjoy the rest of the day relaxing at the temple. But since they are both geniuses they also seek mental challenge in the skill room of the temple.


Later, Manika takes a swim in the water gardens.


She wonders whether she will be strong enough to defeat the temple champion, but she decides to start building her strength as soon as she is home.


Zaleena settles for her more than needed relaxations. These water gardens were calming her nerves after all the ugly business with Baato and Raala. She still wondered why Raala had done this, though. She had assumed some business with Daiko, but Baato had nothing to do with that. But Zaleena was happy, that all this was over and didn’t want to think too much about this.


Once they are home, Manika immediately starts building her strength for the test.
“I am so proud of you, my daughter”, Zaleena says. She is so glad, Manika takes this challenge seriously.
“I will win mother and bring honor to our tribe”, Manika is confident.


But through the window, she sees something not quite to her liking. Nieva is conversing with Taam at the chess table. The two seem quite happy.


Manika gets very sad, but she tells herself she mustn’t get attached to a man and focuses even more on her training. This man will be her downfall, Manika tells herself.

The water gardens have given Zaleena time to clear her head and to think of the way her tribe would go. She has decided to bring the slave Baato back from exile, since he was actually innocent.


“Baato!”, Zaleena says, “You are hereby welcomed back in honor to this tribe. We have found that Raala has been manipulating you with a powerful painting and that you are actually innocent. Your honor is now restored.”
“Thank you, creator”, Baato says. He notices the plants have been tended to.
“What will my new purpose be here?”, he asks humbly, “I assume you have a gatherer by now.”
“Yes this is true, her name is Nieva Thalee. But you are also very skilled in mechanics. You will mostly repair and build from now on.”

Shortly after, Baato meets Nieva in the gardens.
“Who are you, slave?”, Nieva asks.
“My name is Baato. I was the gardener here but now I’m just a slave.”
Nieva is curious. So this was the ‘unworthy’ slave. Of course by now she knows all about Raala’s malicious plan.
“You must be glad to be back.”
“Yes, I am. To work for this tribe is very honorable.”
“Very well. I will call for you, if I need help with these plants. They are in a very good state, you did good work. I am very impressed.”
Baato smiles and feels very confident to be complimented by a beautiful woman such as Nieva. Zaleena never showed as much appreciation for his work.


Zaleena, on her part, is finally at peace. Until Raala gave birth her tribe would only thrive and hopefully there would be no other trouble.


Note: I will be making a tour of the temple of Nature so you can see all of it. I actually made it myself, since I don’t want to download anything from the gallery for this challenge.

Check out the Temple Tour

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 16 – The Temple

  1. The Temple of Nature is beautiful! I looove the stairs, it’s almost like you meant to say “Only the worthy can walk all the way up the stairs to show their gratitude to Mother Nature” x Great stairs are an attribute of great temples all around the world afterall! πŸ™‚

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