Chapter 15 – A Sneaky Follower

Before Kanan can get to the slave quarters, Nieva quickly runs outside and catches him just behind the gardens.
“Kanan! I have work for you”, she says, “I want you to build a bedroom for me, just next to Raala’s. It should be decorated all in green. The creator agreed to let you do this before you leave tomorrow.”
“Yes, my lady, of course”, Kanan agrees.


Kanan quickly changes and gets inside to start his work.


Meanwhile Raala and Manika are sitting in the kitchen. Taam has just made them some delicious meals.
“Thank you so much, Taam”, Raala chirps. Manika, who was just about to say the same, angrily looks down at her book. Raala had already bred, she was not allowed to flirt with Taam. She didn’t want to admit, that she was a bit jealous, too.


With Kanan building, and Taam working in the kitchen, Raala sees her chance.
“I’m going for a jog”, she says and gets up. Manika looks up. Raala was wearing her workout clothes and was covered in sweat. She obviously just had her workout. Why would she go for a jog, especially after just eating? Very suspicious. Manika decides to follow her.


But for a moment she is distracted by Taam walking by. Sigh, he was really handsome.


No, Manika, stop it!, she told her silly teen girl self and ran outside. Plum, she couldn’t see Raala anywhere.
She walks up to Nieva who is deep into her garden work.
“Have you seen Raala?”, she asks.
“What? Oh yes, she just walked over there”, Nieva says absentmindedly and gets back to her work.


Manika hides behind a corner as she sees Raala approaching the slave quarters. What business did she have there? Especially when the slaves were not even there.


Finally, Raala thinks, she would get this troublesome painting away.
“No one will ever no, what caused Baato’s outrage”, she proudly says to herself.


At this moment Manika walks in.


“Creator heiress!”, Raala is surprised and angry, this ruined her plans. How much did Manika know?
“I was just taking down this painting as the slaves are not worthy of any nice decoration. This other slaves recent outburst proves this”, she tries to fool Manika.


But Manika is a Genius and she has already connected the dots as she heard Raala talking to herself.
“Don’t pretend! I know what you did. You are a bad person! I will tell my mother and you will pay for what you did to Baato”, Manika shouts at her.


Manika grabs the painting and quickly runs off to Zaleena leaving behind an angry Raala. How could this have gone so wrong? Now she must decide. Flee these lands or hope to fool Zaleena and hide her true motives.


“Mother! I have found that Raala has put an angry painting in the slave quarters! That is what caused Baato’s outrage. It was her!”, Manika wastes no time and also shows her the painting.
“What are you saying? Baato is innocent?”
“Yes! And now we have to get Raala, she will surely try to flee!”


Zaleena knows how intelligent her daughter is and she believes her. But by now, Raala would already be gone! They run outside.
Fortunately, Nieva has heard their conversation through the open door and reacted quickly as she saw Raala running away.
“You are going no where!”, she stops her.


Zaleena catches up.
“Raala Weyane! You have shamelessly manipulated one of my most loyal slaves for your own selfish purposes! Be glad you are with child or I would sacrifice you immediately!”, Zaleena yells. Oh, why must her tribe suffer so. She really needed a pause from all this ugly business.


Zaleena summons Kanan and Taam.
“Taam! Take Raala and confine her to her quarters until she gives birth. If you have a boy, Raala, the maker has deemed you unworthy and I will decide your fate. If you have a girl, you may stay to train her and leave, when she is old enough to take over your duties.”
She turns to Kanan.
“Kanan, you will leave us on the morrow, but for now, destroy the malicious painting! Manika will give it to you.”


Taam does as he is told, brings Raala to her quarters and locks the door.


Zaleena is very proud of Nieva.
“Nieva, I’m so glad you stopped Raala from fleeing. Very good work!”
“Thank you, creator!”
Nieva hoped that Zaleena would reward her with breeding rights. Taam has definitely caught her eye.


Zaleena decided that she needed a holiday. She would visit the temple grounds with Manika tomorrow, then she would tell her daughter about the heiress ritual and relax in the water gardens.

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