Chapter 14 – Life Goes On

With Baato’s leave, the tribe has also lost a skilled gardener. Zaleena decides she needs more women in this tribe, she is wary of slaves since Baato’s recent outburst. She brings a gatherer to the tribe, Nieva Thalee.


“Welcome to our tribe, Nieva”, Zaleena greets her, “Our last gardener was a slave and he was deemed unworthy. I am sure you will do much better than him.”
Zaleena is still bitter about Baato’s behaviour.


“Yes, Creator, I will”, Nieva says. She begins to tend the plants. They are in a very good state. How could someone who grew such plants be unworthy, she wondered. But she was still new to this tribe and did not want to ask too many questions.


Raala and Kanan are summoned to the meeting place.
“As you know, Raala, I have given you right to breed with this slave, Kanan.”


Kanan is surprised. He didn’t know he was going to be a breeding slave. He doesn’t want to die yet. But he knows all slaves must die eventually and why not go leaving behind a strong tribal daughter. Also, breeding with such a beautiful woman as Raala was not the worst reason to go.
“Kanan, when Raala has conceived you will be sent back to the slave market and may never return to this tribe. But your leave will be honorable.”
“Oh, am I not to be sacrificed?”, Kanan is so surprised that he doesn’t think about how he should not question the creator.
“This is none of your business! You better consent quickly, before I change my mind!”, Zaleena gets angry. Were all of her slaves getting out of hand?

By the law, she had grown up with, only slaves who bred with the creator would be sacrificed, so the goddess of nature would bless the slaves strength and skills on the future creator heiress. Slaves who bred with other tribal women would only be banished, so there would be no unwanted attachments. But it was not her duty, to give Kanan her reasons. He should rather be grateful.

“Yes, of course, Creator, I will bless this tribe with a strong tribal daughter”, Kanan agrees.


Kanan hands a rose to Raala to start the breeding ritual. She was so beautiful and he would get to be with her without having to die. This was a great gift to him.


Raala is not as willing. She only wanted a daughter and would rather be done with this breeding quickly. She gives Kanan a kiss so quick, it might have been a wind strife.


During the breeding, Raala feels no passion (Kanan still does, though, and that is all it takes).


Unfortunately, Raala did not conceive. She feels sad. Was she not fertile? Did the maker hate her so? Now she must breed with Kanan again. She had been hoping this would be done quickly. Kanan on the other hand, would be most pleased.


When Raala goes outside to summon Kanan to the breeding chamber, she sees Zaleena introducing a new slave to the tribe.


“Welcome, Taam, from now on slave to Tribe Arayeo. Do your work well”, Zaleena says.
“Yes, Creator, it is such an honor to join your great tribe.”


Zaleena sees Raala and introduces her, too.
“This is Raala Weyane, our scholar.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you, my lady.”


Raala is immediately smitten! This slave was so handsome, he made her heart beat faster. Oh, why couldn’t he have come to the tribe earlier, she could have bred with him. He would produce such beautiful children.

Instead she has to go to the breeding chamber with Kanan again.


After their second breeding, Kanan goes back to the slave quarters, he is not that happy. Raala’s wohoo skill wasn’t really that great.


This time, the gods are good. Raala is pregnant! It will surely be an adorable baby girl.


She gives the good news to Zaleena. The creator is very pleased. Gladly, Raala had overcome this other slave and would now give her a strong tribal daughter.


It turns out, Taam is quite skilled in cooking. Manika can’t help but notice his handsome figure. This slave was a pleasure to look upon. She did understand, why they must be sent away after breeding.


Nieva isn’t blind either. This slave would surely make a great breeding match. Too bad she was new to the tribe. She would not be given breeding rights so quickly.


“Taam, you are a very skilled cook”, Manika states after she has finished the dish he has made, “This meal was delicious.”
“Thank you, creator heiress, it’s a pleasure to cook for such beautiful women”, he smiles humbly. Manika is left breathless.


She really enjoyed the conversation with Taam, but he is a humble slave and knows his place. He immediately leaves, as Zaleena approaches. He doesn’t want the creator to think he was behaving improperly towards her daughter. Manika for once wasn’t glad about her mothers presence. She couldn’t wait to talk to Taam again.


Note: omg, with all these women swatting around Taam I’m afraid he will end up as a breeding slave soon. But he really is a cutie, so how could they resist :D

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